Singapore visa eligibility and requirements

Singapore is a south east asian nation country. Singapore is well developed country. Total population of this country is around 5.4 M.

Singapore has well managed its image in the form of good investment countries. In the global accounts Singapore country comes FDI in the larger amount any country.

Today in this article im gonna tell you what is Singapore visa ? How to get singapore visa ? also we can discussed the Singapore visa cost. So lets begin.

Singapore visa types

Singapore government has announced multiple visa in every categories. Most of the countries has allowed to enter their territory without any paperwork.

I mean some of the countries like UK and US citizens the Singaporevisa is arrival visa. You don’t have to apply previously.

But if you are an indian you have to apply for the Singaporevisa. These are the visas given by the Singapore government.

Business visaSocial visa

Business-Visa is only for those individuals who attending business negotiations, discussions, conferences and seminars etc.

Social Visa is only for individuals who are travelling to Singapore for a holiday or private visit. This Visa is called as singapore tourist visa.

The last one is gives you when you Entering in Singapore with approval letter from Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) and Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

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What is Visa ?

So what is visa and why we need this document ? Well, It is an official document which allows to enters in country with limited period of time.

Some countries are allow to his territory with visa on arrival facility. This is one of the famous types of visas which boost the economy of that country.

Across the world people used this document for Employment, Tourism, Education, Medical facilities, etc. Well if you are planning for tourism in any of the countries.

Country gives you at least 90 Days OR 3 months of tourism visa. If the countries are allows in his territory with VISAS on arrival facility it means you didn’t have to apply for a VISA.

simply you have to take your passport and some documents and take your flight.

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How to get singapore visa ?

So the question is how to get the Singaporevisa ? If you are an indian then follow these process to get this visa fast and reliable. There is two ways to collect your Singaporevisa. Online and offline.

If you want Singapore visa online then you have to go for the official website of the ministry of foreign affairs Singapore.

But in case if you want to get this visa offline then you have to go for the official agent which is provided by the Singaporegovernment.

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Singapore visa docs

Here is the documents you need when you apply for the Singapore visa.

  • Visa application form.
  • Passport at least 6 month validity.
  • Hotel booking slip.
  • Your bank statement.
  • Two passport size photos.
  • The last one is Form 14 You have to fill this form carefully otherwise you dont get the the visa.

Singapore visa application form

First you have to go official website of the Ministry of foreign affairs Singapore. You can also go for the official agent which is authorized by the Singapore ministry.

  • Download the visa application from on the official website of the Ministry of foreign affairs.
  • Fill all the necessary data in the given form and when you finished, Rechecked the information that you are provide in the given form.
  • Submit the Singapore visa application form.
  • Now its time for payment, this visa cost is around $30 . You can pay it through net banking or Credit cards whatever you want.

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Singapore embassy location


Singapore country is heaven specially for the startups. Singapore government has also invited every country to invest here and they charged minimum.

That’s why this country is called tax heaven countries. Singapore and Dubai is one of them. So in this article i have shared detailed information about what is Singapore visa and how to get it ?

I hope this article helps you a lot. If you have any query regarding this article please do comment in the comment box. Me and my team is waiting for your valuable comments.

Thank you !

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Some FAQ

What is visa and why we need this documents ?

Well, It is an official document which allows to enters in country with limited period of time.

Where to apply for the singapore visa ?

You can choose online OR offline.

How to get singapore visa offline ?

You can directly contact the officia agent OR read this article twice

How to get singapore startup visa ?

I ll write detailed article on this topic.

How to get singapore permanent residency by investment

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How to get singapore visa for us citizens

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Name the singapore visa agency

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What is singapore e visa ? OR singapore evisa

It is fast and reliable visa.

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