How to get tourist visa for Saudi Arabia

Hello guys welcome to another episode of Saudi arabia. In previous post we are talk about saudi visa and how to get is fast.

If you don’t read please go and read carefully. It helps you when you applied for a Saudi visa.

In this post we will discuss about tourist visa and how to get it fast. So lets begin.

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What is tourist visa

When a person or national are going in another country for the purpose of touring and adventures this is called tourist and the document he needs that is called tourist visa.

If you are planning for touring in saudi arabia you must have to a valid tourist visa.

In this section we will deeply discuss and give a proper solution to how to get your saudi tourist visa fast and reliable.

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Conditions to get tourist visa

So if we need a proper tourist visa then we have to follow some conditions are requirement.

If you are apply for saudi tourist visa then you must have to follow these stapes

  • Minimum age is 18 Yrs. if you are 18 years + then you eligible and you have to apply for saudi tourist visa.
  • Of course you must have a valid passport.
  • when you are apply for this visa you have to check your passport validity. If your passport are exceed in one OR two weeks then i must say you will be renew your passport immediately. if you don’t want any trouble then please renew your passport.
  • Have a valid tourism visa obtained before arrival.
  • You have to negative RTPCR test conducted not more then 72 hours.
  • Have COVID 19 insurance. If you are entering on a previously issued tourism visa, you will need to pay an additional fee of SAR 40 at the airport on arrival to cover insurance for any COVID-19 related medical expenses.
  • Download and register the Tawakkalna application before arriving at the point of departure.
  • You must have taken 2 dose of Pfizer BioNTech or Comirnaty or Oxford AstraZeneca, Covishield, SK Bioscience or Vaxzevria or Moderna or Spikevax or Johnson and johnson
  • Always remember your visa fee cant be refundable. So stay focus when you apply for the saudi tourist visa.
  • You must have vaccine certificate. this certificates are providing to your government.
  • Travelers are advised to book the quarantine package through the airline on which they are arriving.
  • Saudi tourist visa is valid for 3 months or 90 days. If your are having lots of fun and want to renew this visa you can pay for next 90 days and you will official stay here.
  • If you are US,UK or Schengen countries national then you have to apply visa on arrival. You don’t need to a specific Saudi tourist visa.

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How to get tourist visa for saudi

I hope you should follow these information’s so lets move on another segment which is how to get saudi tourist visa.

There are two ways to collect your visa by online or offline. During corona pandemic mostly workers are in holidays OR they work from home.

So i will suggest you to apply only for online visa. This is simple, fast and reliable.

In this post i will go on VFS GLOBAL website which is largest company to help in visa, passport and some other works.

If you don’t want to go VFS GLOBAL then u are free to go any of the other website, embassy OR agent. Its your choice

Step – 1

Firstly you have to go on your browser and search google. When your google open then typed

Step – 2

When your searches is over you have to see their are many information regarding vfsglobal. So click on 1st link and go to the main website.

Here you can see their is lot of information is shared. There is home, about, covid-19, book covid test, visas, passport services, tourism services tabs or section is available.

So we want a valid tourist visa so we click on visas, evisa and permits tab

Step – 3

When you entering in the home page of vfsglobal site. Then you have to click on apply for a visa. When u click on apply for a visa tab you will find a 7 steps.

There are some important information regarding your visa. So have a break and read all details carefully.

Step – 4

When you read all information regarding your visa then click on ready to apply button. If you have already applied visa then u can check your visa status OR track your application etc.

Step – 5

When you click on ready to apply button. A new URL generated and going to videx.diplo

Here are some information is asking. like your personal details_ Occupation_ Contact data_ Document_ and last Travel data_

so putting your answer and submit your final form.

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Document requires for valid saudi tourist visa

How to get tourist visa for Saudi Arabia
  • Original photographs not exceed 6 month old.
  • One copy of your passport.
  • Recent click passport size photo.
  • Duly completed Online Application Form and make sure you have a print.
  • Copy of Saudi ID card/ Copy of Iqama for Foreigners.
  • Proof of confirmation of hotel accommodation in saudi arabia.
  • Airlines ticket of saudi arabia.

Saudi tourist visa fee

S.NVisa TypeDurationCost
1Tourist Visa1 YearsSAR 376
2Tourist VisaMore then 1 YearSAR 751

Indian embassy in saudi arabia

Consulate general of india in saudi arabia


So in this article we have discuss about how to get a valid Saudi tourist visa easy and step by step. I hope you enjoyed.

If you have any query regarding this post you may ask in the comment section below.

Thank you and visit again !

Some FAQ

What is the minimum age to get a proper saudi tourist visa?

18 Years old

In which state indian embassy is situated ?


I have a business valid visa can I visit to Saudi Arabia

Yes you do

Validity of saudi tourist visa ?

Around 3 months or 90 Days

Where can i get a saudi tourist visa ?

You can get a valid saudi tourist visa through your agent or directly applied visa from saudi embessy in india.

Which covid application is must have before i visit in saudi arabia ?

Before you enter in saudi arabia you have must Tawakkalna application

Is RTPCR Test is mandatory for all tourist who has enter in saudi kingdom ?


Which covid vaccine is allowed in saudi arabia ?

Please read full article. You will find your correct answer in easy way

Is Indian citizen are applicable to visit in saudi arabia for visa on arrival facilities ?

No. If you are an Indian citizen you must have visa before you enter in saudi kingdom

How much cost of saudi tourist visa ?

Its around SR 376

Disclaimer :

All these information collected form Saudi and vfsglobal Website. This is inform you that is a free service to Traveler’s. Please always check and confirm official site notice before you apply Saudi tourist VISA

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