What is passport and why it’s important to us

When i was kid i thought one day i will definitely visit in USA or European country.

But at that time i don’t know how can i go or travel in these countries ?

What is the procedure to visit, and most important thing that is money or budget.

So hello guys welcome to pocketexplorer army. Today we are going to know everything about passport and its functionality. So lets gets started.

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What is passport and why we need this document ?

It is an official document that are represent our country as well as our nationality.

What is passport and why it's important to us

When we are going to another country then we have to need these types of documents.

This document are provided by the government of that country where you live.

For example i lives in India. So this document are sent by our government official’s whose worked in embassy.

They checked our all related documents that i have submitted online. When this documents are verified then we are going to an interview and collect our document.

According to Henley passport the Japanese, Singapore and German passport are most powerful passport in the world.

Wait, Are you thinking about USA. USA is one of them. This country also have strongest passport in the world.

What is passport and why it's important to us

Lets talked about which types of documents are mandatory for applying passport online. These document’s are :

  • PAN Card
  • ADHAAR Card
  • Corresponding address
  • Email.id
  • Phone No.
  • DOB Certificate
  • Voter id card
  • Educational qualification
  • Martial status etc.

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How to apply for passport

Stpe-1 firstly you have to go on official website of Indianpassport which is passportindia.gov.in

What is passport and why it's important to us

Step-2 Register your self with valid email id and a phone no. This is very important to you because all the passport related details are sent your email and you phone no.

when you enter on the User registration tab firstly you have seen there is two information are asking the 1st one is CPV Delhi and 2nd one is pasport.

CPV Delhi means counselor passport and visa division. This type of document are only for diplomats and some especial employees of the government of India.

If you are not a diplomat then choose 2nd option of the user registration form which is passport office.

Once you choose then next putting your ” nearest passport office details “in the tab.

After submission of your form some question regarding you ask like your name, surname, Birth date, Email.id, Phone no etc.

When you putting your email id a question has asked to you ” Do you want your Login Id
to be same as E-mail Id? ”

This features allowed to login my same email id which is nice because no one has to remember another email and of course password.

So choose yes and then choose a strong password if you wont be choose right password then choose suggest password. The website A.I chooses a proper password for you.

What is passport and why it's important to us

Entering your captcha and submit your registration. After registration you have seen a notification on your email.

Step- 3 When you open your email. A massage from passportadmin have been arrived.

click and open the massage here you can see a link has been sent. This link are valid for a week from the registration date.

Step- 4 Click on link that have provided. Submit your login details or your email id. A new window open that says “Your account has been activated successfully “

After that click on “click here to login button”.

What is passport and why it's important to us

Step- 5 A new window has been open. Here you can see their is lot of information regarding your passport. Please see image which is given below.

Step- 6 So assume that you are fresher. Click on “Apply for fresh passport/reissue of passport” button.

Step- 7 A new window has open. Here you can see that there is two methods has been provided to you. Both methods is in online mode.

In 1st case you can simply put your answers regarding your current address, Name, and another details. But in 2nd case you have to provided passport form pdf.

You have to download and fill according to your need. Then take a clear image and make a pdf file & lastly upload your document.

You can simply download form by clicking on the link which is provided on the end of the paragraph.

Download Fresh Passport/Re-issue of Passport pdf –Click here
Upload your fresh passport/Re-issue Passport pdf form – Click here

Here i thought you have to select online mode. Which is much better & easy to offline method. So clicking on the “Click here to fill application form online “

Step- 8 A new window has been open. Select your state and district then submit.

Step- 9 Here a new tab shown which is tatkal passport. So decision is yours. Here i m choosing the normal one with 36 pages, then submit.

Step- 10 New page open. Here, ask some question regarding you and your address etc. Fill the all information and click on submit details.

Step-11 Pay the fee and submit your according to your need.

Click on Pay and schedule appointment button which is bottom of the application form. You can use Credit/Debit cards or Net banking according to your vantage.

Step- 12 Click on print application receipt. An appointment date are send to your mobile phone.

Step- 13 Visit the Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) OR Regional Passport Office (RPO) where appointment has been booked, along with original documents.

If you don’t find where is passport office then open your browser and google it. search the keyword ” passport office near me “ OR ” passport near me “

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Passport cost, prices

New Passport with 36 Pages1000/-
New Passport with 60 Pages1500/-
Less then 18 Yrs old 600/-
Duplicate OR Renew Passport with 36 Pages2500/-
Duplicate OR Renew Passport with 60 Pages3000/-
Police clearance certificate300/-
Change your current address, name etc.1000/-
Renew expired passport2500/-

Passport and Visa Differences

Most of you guys ask me on the previous post that is ” what is the difference between passport and visa ”

So here i will give some basic idea about passport visa. I hope you guys its useful for you.

New user registrationClick here
Existing use loginClick here
Track application processClick here
Passport agency near meClick here
Passport office phone no.1800-258-1800


So in this post we are talk about how to apply passport online? How to Renew passport online and so on.

Hear I have represent these steps with a clear screenshot. This will help you while you filling your form online.

I hope you follow this step while you filling your 1st application form and yes congrats for your journey.

I hope you guys , enjoy this post and lastly if you have any query regarding passportdocumetn or passport services related.

Please do comment on the comment box. I know its difficult to ask question in the question box because in comment box have ask your name and email etc.

But what can i do. Its google mandatory rules that we have followed. So do comment.

Thank you ! and visit again.

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Some FAQ

What types of passports are issued in India?

Ordinary Diplomatic & Official Passport are issued by government of India.

Where I apply Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)?

You have to go official website of passportindia.gov.in

What is the validity of a minor’s passport?

Around 5 Years

Is black and white photographs are allowed while filling the passports form?

No. Use color photo.

Can an Indian passports be issued to applicants born outside India?

This document can be issued to the “Citizen of India by Descent” i.e. person born to Indian parent(s) outside India subject to fulfillment of provisions in the Citizenship Act, 1955.

I recently got married/divorced. How can I change my surname on my passport?

You have to apply reissue passport.

My passport is expired. How can i renew my passport ?

You have to go official website of passportindia.gov.in

What is the requirement while my passports has expired more then 5 years?

You have to apply reissue passport and last please apply for Police verification, that’s it.

I have lost my passport how can i get back ?

You have to inform your embassy. Then they give a new pasport with new serial no.

How long is passport valid?

Around 10 Years

How i renew my passport?

Go to the official site of passport india and apply for new passport.

What is golden passport?

According to IMF the golden passport means second citizenship. This pasport are also called dual passport OR second passport. Barbuda, Portuguese are one of them.

What is immigration passport?

Those persons or citizens are finding a better job in any of the country. This passports help to provide a safe journey.


All these information collected from official website. This is inform you that pocketExplorer.in is a free service to Traveler’s. Please always check and confirm official site notice before you apply.

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