Complete information about Saudi Arabia Visa Fee

Hello friends welcome to another article related to Saudi Arabia you asked about Saudi Arab visa fee in last article.

This article today is based on it. As we all know Saudi Arabia government provides different types of visas for those visitors, and obviously their fees will be the same.

So first it is very important to know about the visa given by Saudi Arabia so that we can choose the right visa.

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Types of Saudi visa

Saudi government provides about 15 types of visa to attract tourists or workers visiting here.

Government visaPremium residency visa
Diplomatic & Official visaNewborn visa
Diplomatic mission and organization visaExit/Re-entry visa
Tourism visaFamily visit visa
Business visaPartner visit visa
Employment visaPersonal visa
Resident visaReligious visa

Government Visa

This visa is usually used by employees posted on higher government positions. This visa is given without any international pressure.

Diplomatic & Official Visa

This visa is used by politicians for diplomatic talks.

Usually you would have noticed that the Prime Minister of our country as well as the ministers of other ministries often come from one country to another for necessary tasks.

This visa is for them.

Diplomatic Mission and Organization Visa

Diplomatic mission is also a non-resident permanent mission for one or more countries.

Permanent diplomatic missions are specifically known as the embassy.

The Embassy represents its interests in the fields of political, economic and financial affairs, legal system, science, education and culture.

Tourism Visa

This type of visa is usually used by tourists. You might be surprised to know that the most countries contribute to GDP if anything is the most – tourism.

सऊदी पर्यटन वीसा के बारे में पूरी जानकारी

If you are going to any country in the world for tourism then you need a tourist visa.

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Business Visa

This type of visa is usually used by large traders. He keeps coming from one country to another in terms of his business.

Apart from this, he also opens branches of his business in these countries. Which directly benefits the same country.

Employment Visa

Employment visa is clear by the name itself. This visa is usually used by those who are looking for employment.

Thousands and millions of people from our country work and earn money with the same visa every year in foreign countries.

Even if he is earning money using this visa but when he sends money to his family, this rupee is very helpful for our country’s GDP to move forward.

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Saudi residence visa for family

This visa is usually used by governments to increase tourism in their country and GDP of their country.

By using this visa, anyone can stay as a guest in that country for a long time. The duration of this visa is from 2 – 3 years to 10 years.

This type of visa is provided by Central Asian country UAE besides other countries – South American countries, UK etc.

Premium Residency Visa

This visa is also same as above visa just it gives some more facilities.

Newborn Visa

This type of visa is done for newborn babies. If you are an Indian and you are working abroad then you will need this.

Exit / Re-Entry Visa OR visit visa ksa

Exit Visa is a government issued document that allows any person to leave the country.

These visas are related to the right of any foreign or non citizen to enter a country and that person to work there or stay for a long time.

This visa type also known as saudi re entry visa OR re entry visa ksa.

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Family visit visa saudi arabia

If your family is living in a country and you are going to visit them, you are given a family visit visa.

Saudi arabia visa requirement's and fee for indian

Often people use this visa to visit Gulf countries especially Saudi Arabia.

For this, you will be able to get this visa by contacting the Foreign Ministry’s website or offline embassy.

Partner Visa

This visa is mainly given to disabled people. Basically this visa doesn’t charge any fee.

But if you have any information about this visa then do let us know.

Personal Travel Visa

This visa is mainly given to individuals who have no business or family relations in that country.

Religious Visa

As we all know millions of people go to Hajj pilgrimage every year from our country.

Saudi arabia visa requirement's and fee for indian

Not only India but the Muslim community from the whole world go to Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj. This is one of the most sacred places of Muslim religion.

Well almost every country makes this visa available to everyone to perform religious activities here.

Student visa

When a student goes abroad for his higher education, he completes his studies using this student visa.

Saudi arabia visa requirement's and fee for indian

With this visa he can apply for studies in prestigious universities of any country and complete his studies.

If you are a student and want to go to Saudi for study you have to contact the Saudi embassy.

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E visa saudi arabia

Apart from this, Saudi government also provides E-VISA. You can have it very easily.

You can easily get this visa in four steps –

  • Online Application
  • Payment
  • ETA
  • Print out your documents

So friends you all must have got good knowledge about the visa given by Saudi government.

Now let’s see about Saudi Arabia visa fees so that no one can try to cheat us with agents, and we can do our job very cleverly.

Saudi arabia visa fee 2022

S.NVisa TypeDurationFee in Riyal
1Tourist Visa1 Years376
2Business Visa*1 Years807
3Transit Visa1 Years76
4 Student OR Intern Visa5*301
5Medical Attendant Visa6 Months301 – 451
6Employment & Project Visa6 Months451
7Diplomatic/Official VisaFree
8Film Visa1 Years451

*visa varies from country to country

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Saudi Arabia visa fee with some extra charges

When you apply for your Saudi tourist visa then you have to pay some extra charges. These charges are :

S.NVisa TypeTypes of servicesFee in Riyal
1Visa ServicesPrimary69/-
2Enrollment of Fingerprint biometricsPrimary0/-
3Facial biometrics capturePrimary0/-
4Filling of IVFRT FormVAS46/-
5SMS (Min. of 3 messages)VAS1.15/-
7Photograph (digital)VAS5.75/-
8Courier ServiceVAS46/-
9Printer Service per pageVAS2.30/-
10Computer with internet facility(per half hour usage)VAS15/-
11eVisa form fillingVAS46/-


In this article i have discussed about what is Saudi tourist visa and lastly i have present some saudi arabia visa fee

I hope you guys enjoyed and learnt from the article. Read for more article click on the given link or search on google :

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Embassy of Saudi Arabia

Indian embassy in Saudi Arabia

Some FAQ

How i get saudi arabia visa ?

You can apply online or offline

Tourist visa saudi arabia cost ?

376 Saudi Riyal

What is vfs global saudi arabia ?

It is an official website or authority to provide your visa and some facility.

What is ksa ?

KSA Means Kingdome of Saudi Arabia.

what is the Cost of business visa for one year ?

807 Saudi Riyal

what is umrah visa

It is a religious visa

How many rupees in 100 Riyal ?


what is the price of camel in Saudi arabia ?

3000 – 20,00/- Saudi Riyal

What is the cost of employment visa in saudi arabia ?

451 Saudi riyal


All these information collected form Saudi Website. This is inform you that is a free service to Traveler’s. Please always check and confirm official site notice before you apply Saudi Tourist VISA

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