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Hi I’m Prashant Rai and I’m from Varanasi. I’m 23 Yrs old and i like tourism and meet some anonymous people to make friends.

I have studied in Central Hindu Boys School Kamachha Varanasi.

In Schooling I have complete 10+2 in Science. Most of the student have dream to be a Pilot, Army officer, Engineer, Scientist etc, etc.

I was one of them but unfortunately I have a bad time, & i have lost my dream or you can say i have left my dream.

When I was in 10 class. There is a History teacher name – Niru vahal Mam. This lady teacher have a great spirit to teach our school.

I was so excited and blessed that she was in my class teacher. She explained everything about subject topic.

Most of the time im going or you can say I’m day dreaming and imagine his teaching skills. Currently she was Principle of Central Hindu Boys School.

I have started my Blogging journey in 2020. There is a lot of time i have invest in Blogging. Most of the time i think i left my dream but somehow i don’t know where i have a spirit to teach me – i cant left Blogging.

If you have related any query to my Post or something else you can send me massage through email – [email protected]

Thank you ! Have a Nice and Bright day.

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1. What is pocketexplorer ?

Its a Travel related site where you can find Monuments, Tombs, Forts, and Ghats etc.

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You can connect with YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Link-dine and Email also.