How to check your call letter job is fake or genuine ?

In India most of the people or candidates are highly educated but our governments doesn’t pay attention.

That’s why we took another country whose pay us our talent.

some peoples are trying to joined a perfect job, but still he failed because of Call latter fraud.

I think you better know about this type of fraud.

So today i will give you some interesting and genuine steps that can help you to find your dream job and last we will discussed about how to examined or how to find out your call later is valid.

So lets gets started .

Check your company on Social media

Most of the cases if a company hiring , then you have to send a proper Email and Joining latter’s. But wait if this is not true then what do you do ?

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Search on google

Mention not, your bro is here. Firstly you have to check your email properly.

How to check your call letter job is valid ?

I mean you have to check each and every aspect of this company i.e. If you company is Construction OR Real State related then you have to check this company details on google.

If you find something wrong then you have to quite.

some cases frauds are very clever. They make a proper email and send you like a professional. If the company is valid then Is available on google. so simple

Search on Facebook & Instagram

If a company established then they create a proper profile In digital media. Such as Facebook and Instagram.

If you have a an Email, then you have to go their official fb page or Instagram page.

If is it true then you have to conform your details by sending another email.

Search on LinkedIn

If your company are not fake then definitely company creates a high profile LinkedIn account.

You have to contact their HR manager and find something what you get on Email. Its so easy and Reliable.

How to check your call letter job is valid ?

Some times their HR manger OR some high profile people of the company doesn’t reply.

They take time and they judge you – about your patience. So don’t worry about that be patience and be happy.

Search on Twitter

This is the most reliable source to find a genuine people or company. If you company is valid then definitely they create a Twitter account.

You have to find an email which is provide in their Profile or Bio.

If you have their email then you have to send a conformation email. If your call letter job is approved then your lucky.

This is the most important thing to avoid fake call latter jobs.

If you have an Email then you have to go official website of the company and analyze the logo carefully.

If you found Email logo and Company logo is different then its fake call letter job. Be carefully.

Find company HR Email

Every companies has a valid Email for queries.

You have to find that email where you can easily contact and stay connected with the companies guy.

How to check your call letter job is valid ?

If you don’t have company HR Email then you have to go their Official website and collect.

If you get company HR Email then you have to send an email and talk to about your job and call letter. Its so simple and easy

Check the serial no of your call letter job application

If you have some doubt about your call letter job then you have to check your call letter serial no. which is in bold letter on the top of the letter.

Its easy to find. So here you can actually see your development.


I hope you enjoy this article. If you have any query related to this article or something else please do comment .

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Some FAQ

How can i check my call latter is fake or genuine ?

You have to find your company details or social media.

How to find company HR Gmail ?

Easy, You have to go official website of your company and you can get easily HR Email

How to find HR details ?

You can check on different social media, such as fb, Insta , and Most important linkdln

How to get job in gulf ?

you can apply on indeed website according to your talent or knowledge. If you are talented, God is always help you.

How to get an call letter job fast ?

You have to continue your interview according to your talent OR field. If your are talented then you have to selected soon.

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