Everything you have to know before traveling in India 2023

India is situate in the northern hemisphere of the earth. Basically india is a part of Asia continents. It neighbor’s countries is China, Bangladesh, Shrilanka, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan and Myanmar.

Guys there is lot of incredible places in india where you can visit and explores. You can test some best Indian foods and also you loves the indian tradition and cultures.

If you have plan to traveling in india then this article will help a lot. I have shared some important places, foods, cultural information’s and much more. So lets start the journey.


Documents yes this is the thing which you don’t ignored specially when you travelling in india or any of the countries. You have to take some documents like:

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Returning tickets
  • Your health status etc


Everything you have to know before traveling in India 2023

So what is Passport, It is an official document that are represent our country as well as our nationality. When we are going to another country then we have to need these types of documents.

This document are provided by the government of that country where you live. So before you traveling in india you have to apply for a passport in your government website. Know more about Passport : Click here


Well, It is an official document which allows to enters in country with limited period of time. Some countries are allow to his territory with visa on arrival facility.

This is one of the best way to attract the peoples and boost the economy of that country.

Across the world people used this document for Employment, Tourism, Education, Medical facilities, etc. Well if you are planning for tourism in any of the countries.

Country gives you at least 90 Days OR 3 months of tourism visa. If the countries are allows in his territory with VISAS on arrival facility it means you didn’t have to apply for a VISA. Know more about Visa : Click here

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Flight Tickets

Everything you have to know before traveling in India 2023

Flight tickets is most important thing. Ha Ha Ha im just joking. I know guys you are all know about the flight tickets but if you want massive discounts like 15 to 30% on your india international travel then you have to try these things.

  • The first thing is the Planning. Plan your destination first then invest your money in the others
  • Cross checked all the flights tickets before booking ,But in case of world tour OR an international flights then you have to booked at least 6th month before.
  • Sunday is the best day for purchasing the air ticket. According to the Expedia data. If you booked ticket on Sunday you can save upto 5% on your domestic flights
  • But in case of an international flights you can save upto 15% on the flight tickets.
  • According to the Expedia data. Wednesday is the best day to take flight even you can save you hard money

Health status

If you have some health problems OR any health issues then you have to verify your health to nearest health centers where the governmental doctors are checking up your whole body.

But in case if you have traveling in india with a patient who needs some critical operations or other facility you might be informed in the visa status form.

So before you traveling in india you have to bring these documents. Thanks you!

Know your airlines OR Traveling agencies

Once your documentation is ready then you have to book the air ticket. Firstly you have to discover the flight company who operates in india.

Read their policies and their destinations. For example if you are traveling with a X-Airlines then you might be surprised their is certain rules and regulations for First class Business class and Economy flight class.

Once you landed in india, Im sure you have bookings means Hotels etc. Most of the Hotels in india are providing some extra features like Tour Guide, Rental vehicles etc. So go for these facilities if you want to explore the India and Indian culture.

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Transportations service in india

Lets talk about the transportations services in india. In india their is Taxi, Buses, Trains, Flights are available to roam around. Some times you may be see Tuk Tuk.

It is is an auto and its running over electricity. But in case if you want to a private vehicle then you have to Rent a car. Their is lot of companies who rented their cars for needy peoples. You can also google it for more information’s.

Best places to visit in india

There is lot of tourist places in india where you can enjoying your holidays. I have choose some best place to visit india in your budget. These places are : Delhi, Goa, Mumbai, Himanchal Pradesh, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Uttarakhand

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Places to visit in Delhi

There is lot of tourist destinations in India’s capital delhi. You can visit

Red fort, Raj Ghat
Qutab MinarNational Rail Museum
Humayun’s TombHazrat Nizamuddin Aulia Dargah
India GateNational Crafts Museum & Hastkala Academy
Lotus TempleNehru Memorial Museum & Library
Akshardham Jahaz Mahal
Jantar Mantar Alai Darwaja
National MuseumNational War Memorial etc.

Places to visit in goa

Goa is one of the best place for tourist. Thousand of foreigners are travelled every year in Goa. These are the best place to see in Goa :

Palolem BeachMorjim

Places to visit in Mumbai

Mumbai is known for his Cinema industry like Bollywood. There is lot of tourist attractions in Mumbai. These are :

Gateway of IndiaVasai Fort
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj TerminusKanheri Caves
Elephant cavesGlobal Vipassana Pagoda
Marina DriveRock Garden

Foods and other Stuffs

Guys there is lot of foods you can enjoyed here. Some of the best food in india is Chaat, Daal makhani, Bada Pav, Dhokala, Masal Dosa, Paani puri etc.

But i don’t recommended for street foods. Some of the shops have best foods but you have to cross cheeked before eating something.

What to wear in india

There is total 4 types of weather found in india. Summer(March to May) Winter(December to February) Rainy(June to September) and Post monsoon period (October to November). So you have to decided in which season you have to travelling in india.

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Currency OR Money

So how much money do you have to traveling in india without any single problem. I think there is 20 to 30k ₹ is enough to travel in india.

If you have dollars then you have to exchange your money into indian currencies which is Rupees. But wait in which place you have to exchange your dollar into indian rupees ?

The solution is at airport. There is lot of services provides by the airlines. Exchange currencies is one of them. You have to simply go there and exchange your dollars into Indian rupees.

Credit : Scenic Scenes/ YouTube

Best time to visit in india

There is lots of ancient monuments, Structures, Architectures and Museums to see. If you are planning to see these historical places then you have to come in india in October to March month.

PRO Tips

  • Guys if you want more stories and history about the places then go for a Tourist Guide. Today most of the Hotels are provide Tourist guide as a service. So go for it. You just loved the indian culture history.
  • At the time of exchange your currencies you have to purchase 500₹, 100₹, 50₹, 10₹, 20₹ indian currencies. This money will help you when you traveling in india and take some taxies OR Indian Tuk Tuk.
  • Beware of Dogs, Cow, Monkey and other animals. They are freely moved one place to another without any restrictions. So beware of these types of animals.
  • In india there is total 22 official language to speak. But Hindi and then English language is speak majority of the people.

US embassy in India

Indian embassy in USA

Some FAQ

Best place to see in india ?

Karnataka hampi structure, Tajmahal, Konark temple etc.

How can i get VISA ?

Go to the official website of the indian embassy and apply for the visa

What is the official currency of the india

Official currency of the india is Indian Rupees and its symbol is ₹

Best places to visit in delhi

India Gate, Qutub Minar, Red Fort, Chandani Chaowk, Humayuns tomb etc.

How can i travel to india from usa

You can simply apply for visa and then booked a flight for india.

Best travel agency in india ?

Expedia, Yatra, Make My Trip, TravelGuru etc.

Top 10 places to visit in india

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