Bharat Kala Bhavan BHU : An archeological museum

History history and history, Most of you guys are interesting in this area. Where you can find some interesting stories as well as their manuscripts and sculpture to help to know about the dynasties who ruled over here.

So these manuscripts and sculptures are helping a lot but do you know who is protected and how to protected ?

So answer is The museums. Museum are made for this purpose where these types of collections are present.

Today we are going to explore one of the famous museum in Banaras OR Varanasi which is Bharat Kala Bhavan. So lets gets started.

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Bharat kala bhavan history

Bharat Kala Bhavan is situated in Varanasi. This museum is known for his research and collaborative activities.

In this museum their is large number of variety of archaeological materials, paintings, textiles and costumes, decorative art, personalia collections, Indian philately and literary and archival materials and so on.

Bharat Kala Bhavan is considered as the best University Museum in India, if not in Asia. There is no university in India which has a museum of this dimension.

There are approximately six hundred museums in India today and even among these museums of diverse nature Bharat Kala Bhavan has permanently carved its niche and is being considered among the seven-eight best museums in the country.

The museum is fully dedicated to higher education and multidisciplinary researches. The academic possibilities of this museum being immense, it has acquired the status of a university museum of national importance.


In this museum there is lot of architectures, sculptures are present. Most of the sculptures are from Mauryan period to modern India period. Some sculptures are very beautiful in the context of designing and art. All these sculptures are made from Red and Black sands.

When i was travelled and explore this place one of the sculptures are mostly influence to me which is Kalyaan sundarmurti. This sculpture are made from Red sand in pratihara style. This sculpture are partially destroyed.

Bharat kala bhavan BHU : An archeological museum

In this museum almost all the sculptures are fragmented. But Bharat Kala Bhavan protect these sculptures very well. Even you can see there is Iron rod support for sculptures for long stay.

Well in this museum you can see there is lot of clothes paintings, Tibetan manuscripts, and also Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya cloths and his journey. So stay tune with us.

Lets have a look

So when we enter this museum there is a rule and we all have to follow. You can not enter with your bag and electronic devices such as mobiles phones and cameras.

You can enter with a notebook and a normal pen not a spy pen. So i know a question has arrived in you mind ” where i can submit my bag cameras or smartphone ?

You can simply putting your cameras and smartphones in your bag and submit in front of security guards. You don’t need to pay for it and of course don’t worry for your bags and equipment’s.

Bharat kala bhavan BHU : An archeological museum

One important thing i ll tell you when you putting your smartphone in bag please switch off because there is disturbance for the guards and other members of the museum. I hope you will understand with my points.

So before entering in museum you have to register with your name phone no your degree and lastly what is the time when you enter this museum.

But wait, wait when you out this museum again you have to putting your timing in this register which is very nice.

If you are a student of Banaras Hindu University it means you don’t have to pay for explore this museum. But if you are not then you definitely pay for it.

If your college associated with Banaras Hindu University then you must have to shown your enrollment no slip. You don’t need a hardcopy you can simply shows this on your smartphone.

Bharat kala bhavan BHU : An archeological museum

So lets enters in the Bharat Kala Bhavan museum.

When i was enters in this museum i have seen their is work in progress to restoration to protect many architectures and sculptures.

But some of the architecture and sculptures are shown. So we are talk about these sculptures. I was enters in Sculpture gallery.

Firstly when i was entered in this museum i have seen their is large approx. 6 feet long Shri Krishna sculpture OR which is belongs to Gupta dynasty. This sculpture is made in 4th C, and it was found in here means in Varanasi.

Bharat kala bhavan BHU : An archeological museum

In this sculptures God Krishna shows Gowardhan Parvat in his right hand actually this sculpture original name is Gowardhandhari Krishna. Lets talk about others.

Most of the sculpture are from Mauryan period to modern India period. When you are analyzing these sculptures you have to seen most of the sculptures are made from a single stone.

In the last we are going to see metallic sculptures. In this sculptures there is peacock, Lord buddha, Natrajan sculpture, Hindu gods etc.

Bharat kala bhavan BHU : An archeological museum

So once i have reach and explore these sculptures we are going to explore a new gallery which is Painting gallery.

In this gallery almost all the painting are made on cloths. All these clothes painting made from hand not a single use of machines. This is awesome to see the beauty of handmade cloth paintings. In this gallery you can find there is large no painting belongs to medieval India.

Most of the paintings were done by the famous painter Nicholas Roerich. So lets go on further galleries. This is the most valuable galleries i have found.

Yes this gallery are totally based on Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya Ji. In this gallery you can see pandit ji related Paintings, Birth chart, family structure of Mahamana Ji, His parents & his teacher photos, 1st office of BHU in Prayagraj, Kadaun OR slipper, Kot-pajama etc.

Actually i was shocked when i saw the guru of Mahamana ji. I have studied and know about Mahamana ji but i didn’t know about who is the teacher of Malaviya ji ? But you can see the photos of Mahaman guruji.

When i was explore this museum and suddenly i have seen the original copy of Shrimadbagvat Puran. This is huge to see but you cant to read this book. Make sure when you enter this museum please see this beauty of Puran.

Well, i have previously said this museum is work on progress that’s why we have visited on the ground floor of the museums.

But i have to promise you guys when this museum works are completed then i goes their and of course explore the all aspects of this museum. Thank you !

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How to reach

Almost all the people are well know about BHU OR Banaras Hindu University. You can simply goes to Varanasi cant railway station and take a riksha OR Auto-Riksha to come this place.

But wait if your riksha wala doesn’t enter in BHU then you have to walk almost 1.5 to 2 km. so make sure about this facts.

Nearest Railways StationVaranasi cantt OR Banaras Railways station
Nearest Airport Lal Bahadur Airport
National Highways National Highways 2

Tourist place in Varanasi

Although the whole of Banaras is tourism in itself, but if you have short of time then you must visit these places. These particular places will prove to be very important in developing your understanding towards Banaras.

Assi GhatRamanagar For
Dashashwamedh GhatBharat Mata Temple
Buddhist Temple SaranathMaan Mandir Ghat
Manikarnika GhatSaint Ravidas Park
Kashi Vishvanath Temple OR Birala TempleGanga Mahal

Bharat Kala bhavan location


Banaras is famous for his culture as well as its traditions. Most of you guys know for Ganga Arati which is organized by the Ganga authority at Dashashwamedh Ghat OR Assi Ghat.

Banaras is also ruled by many dynasties such as Mauryan empire, Gupta Empire and so on. But wait how can i know who ruled over here.

The answer is Manuscripts and sculptures. These manuscripts and sculptures are helping to know about the history of Banaras.

Bharat Kala Bhavan is also celebrated these dynasties and protect his works here. Guys if you are interesting to know about our cultures as well as our traditions then must have to come and explore this museum.

Thank you !

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Some FAQ

BHU full form ?

Banaras Hindu University

How to reach this museum ?

You can simply take a auto rikshaw from Varanasi Cantt Railways station.

Can i take photos of these collections ?

No you dont have click any photos. Cameras and smartphones are prohibited.

Is any washroom available in this museum ?

Yes, For mens there is a washroom outside of the museum but if you are female then washroom is in the museum.

Is there any ticket fee for museum ?

There is entry free for BHU and Its affiliated college students.

Can i see Bharat Ratna which is belongs to Mahamana Pandit Mohan Malaviya ji

Of course you can.

Museum entering time

11.00 Am – 4.00 Pm

Nearest railways station in Varanasi ?

Varanasi cantt railways station.

collection in this museum

sculpture’s, architecture, Cloths paintings etc.

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