What is a visa and why its important to us 😘

Everybody want to travel their dream destination. Like, some people want to travel in Dubai, Saudi, UK, US, India and various countries.

But only few of people goes and achieve his dream destination. why ? Because of the knowledge. They didn’t have proper knowledge to travelling across the borders.

In this article im going to share my experiences regarding these types of knowledges and facts, which is really help you and also we are talking about some questions regarding visa documents. So lets gets started.

What is VISA ?

Well, It is an official document which allows to enters in country with limited period of time. Some countries are allow to his territory with visa on arrival facility.

This is one of the famous types of visas which boost the economy of that country.

Across the world people used this document for Employment, Tourism, Education, Medical facilities, etc. Well if you are planning for tourism in any of the countries.

Country gives you at least 90 Days OR 3 months of tourism visa.

What is visa and why its important to us 😘

If the countries are allows in his territory with VISAS on arrival facility it means you didn’t have to apply for a VISA.

simply you have to take your passport and some documents and take your flight.

But some countries like United states of America, United kingdom and some European countries even some Asian countries are not offers VISA on arrivals facility.

But wait, before you getting VISA you have to at least 6 months validity of your passport. Most of the people didn’t get visa on time, they are always rejected.

What is visa and why its important to us 😘

Why ? because of they didn’t have the proper knowledge and proper documents.

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VISA requirements

After so much information about the visa, now let’s talk about the documents. What documents should we have to apply visas for any country ? let’s see

  • A passport with 6 months validity.
  • Current passport size photo.
  • NOC – Paper. This documents are provided by your company. so don’t worry about that.
  • Medical checkup’s. Most important COVID-19 Test
  • You have to official online application form of Visas.
  • Flight tickets are most important thing.
  • Keep you bank statements.
  • If you are newly marriage then keep your marriage certificate.
  • One last thing is purchase a health insurance.
  • If you are planning for job then please put your qualifications in your bag.

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Types of VISAS

Every country provides some special types of visas. These are :

Tourist visa

It is an special type of permit which provides almost all the countries. When a person or national are going in another country for the purpose of touring and adventures this is called tourist and the document he needs that is called tourist visa.

This permit types gives almost all country across the world. In this permit you are free to move in that country for the travel purpose.

If you are planning for touring in any country you must have to a valid tourist visa.

You can find monuments, important historical places, beaches, forts museums and many more. Tourist visa comes with almost 90 days of period.


Every country wants to a skilled labor. why ? Because if a skilled worker work here then its means you don’t have to pay for training and other incentives.

That’s why every country gives a special types of permit to work there territory. This special type of permit is called work permit.

Family visit visa

Family is very important for us why ? Because families gives us a moral support to work harder and smarter.

Friends when a person get his dream job, most of the cases he wanted to bring his family to live with us in that county.

This types of permit is called family visa. That’s why every government launches this permit to see the smile of their workers face.

Their are certain rules and regulations to get this permit. This permit only for nearly blood relation members like : Your parents, Childs, Husband OR Wife, etc.

Dubai golden visa

As we all know that in 2019, the entire economy had become flattered due to Corona virus.

At that time factories were closed, production were closed, even tourists could not go for a trip in any country as well as their own country.

This time period is worst of human beings. Even Dubai economy is decreased day by day.

In that situation Dubai king Sheikh Mohammed ibn Rashid Al Maktoum takes major steps to protect their economy and people as well.

What is visa and why its important to us 😘

Dubai golden visa one of them. This is the special permit to attract the talented people across the world.

We all know America gives citizenship to talented people from all over the world by good salaries and good lifestyle and making them work to secure America and its future.

Same thing now Dubai govt is doing. The only difference is America calls for forever and Dubai government only doing this for 5-10 years. May be In the future it could be lifelong.

Overall we can say that Dubai Golden Visa is a special type of permit given only to talented people or else who have done important works in science and technology.

Investor visa

It is a special permit to authorized to a person to invest money in any of the countries officials company as well as you can start your own company.

If you having this visa that means their is lot of facilities are provided and you are treated like an Emirates.

Resident visa

When a businessman or any kind of workers coming to Dubai OR any of the country then a special permit is released by the country government.

This permit is called as Residence visa. This permit is valid for almost 2 -10 Years of time period.

Visit visa for business

This types of visa basically used for company delegates to meet and expands their businesses.

There are some requirements must be taken while you applying a visitvisa for business.

Student OR Study visa

This types of visa generally used by student who want to continue his study.

Most of the student including Indian students are using this document and continues his study in abroad like US & UK.

If you are thinking about your study is completed in that country then you must have some important requirements. These are – Education certificate Your passport etc.

Domestic servant visa

This types of visa is used by Kuwait resident. Mostly expatriate families are usually allowed to bring a maid in the country.

If you are one of those who didn’t have academic’s. You have apply for this documents.

How to get VISA ?

So, How to get VISA ? Every countries gives two types of facility to get this documents, one is Offline mode and second one is Online mode.

So if you are planning for offline mode then you have to contact with that country embassy where you are going.

You have to simply goes there embassy and take an offline visa application form and fill the details carefully and submit.

Once you submit the form to the embassy officials then you have to wait for 2 to 3 weeks. Once your form is dully checked then the embassy call you again & gives your visa.

If you are planning for online mode, then you don’t have to travel at embassy. You can simply goes to there official website and fill all the necessary information.

What is visa and why its important to us 😘

Some countries like US & UK are taking interviews for the travelers. If you are one of them to travel these countries then you have to prepare yourself and be confident.


VISAS & Passport is very important to travel in any of the countries. Passport is like your identity and VISA is said to be your ticket.

So in this article i have share some information regarding VISA & some documents.

Guys if you have any query regarding this topic then please write on comment section. Me and my team is waiting for your valuable comments.

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Some FAQ

Is passport required for Nepal ?

Dude, Passport is our identity without this document no one has to identify our name as well as our country. That’s why its important for foreign trips.

PCC full form ?

Police clearance certificate.

What is Schengen visa ?

It a special visa to enter an European member countries with no documents and security checks

What can I do if my application is rejected?

In case of application is rejected then you have to resubmit your application form.

I lost my Kuwait Tourist visa. What can I do?

If you lost your visa then check your email box. and print out your visa. simple

How to know where is UK embassy ?

You can simply go on google and search for that country embassy.

Me and my wife are planning for a road trip which documents we are need ?

For local trip you have to Aadhar card, Pan card, OR Driving licence, But if you are planning for a foreign trip the you have to collect passport and visas.

What is google trip planer ?

It is a tool which is related to Tours and Travels. Basically its a google initiative to gives better understanding to any place for his users.

Dubai golden visa meaning

It is special visa for talented people to live in Dubai.

Disclaimer :

All these information collected form various official countries Website. This is inform you that PocketExplorer.in is a free service to Traveler’s. Please always check and confirm official site notice before you apply VISAS

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