Assi ghat : A historical place in Banaras

Varanasi know for his culture and rituals. In Kashi there are many temples and varanasi ghat are situated like Vishwanath temple, Baba kaalbhairava temple, Dashashwamedh ghat, Assi ghat, kashi harishchandra ghat & manikarnika ghat varanasi etc.

In this post i have discussed about one of the ancient and historical place of Kashi which is Assi ghat. If you want to travel in that place your are see to happy. So lets began.

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Assi ghat history and its architecture

Assi ghat is situated in Varanasi. Its a place situated on the bank of holy Ganga river. It is a biggest Ghats of Banaras and of course most popular specially in youth.

Do you guys listen the keyword : Ganga Aarti Varanasi ? I’m sure all of you heard about this keyword.

At this Ghats Ganga-Aarti is performed. But wait there is multiple Ghats where Ganga aarti is performed by the Ganga samiti. These Ghats are Dashashwamedh Ghat, Assi ghat etc.

Assi ghat : A historical place in Banaras

At 80 ghat varanasi there is Subah-e-Banaras. This place is belongs to Assi ghat and here some performance like Yoga and some cultural events are organized. You can see and enjoy the beauty of Banaras.

So why this place is know for Assi ghat ? So the answer is, Due to being situated at the confluence of the river Assi and the river Ganges, this ghat became famous by the name of Assi.

This place is most popular in youths as well as the senior citizens.

Lets talk about the history of Assi Ghat. So the first evidence received is in our ancient manuscripts which is Matsya purana and Agni purana have discussed about this sacred place.

Another story which is tell about this ghat is ” At that place Maa Durga killed the demons Shumbh and Nishumbh of Hades and the she threw that sword at this place “

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Lets have a walk

So, our journey starts with the Varanasi cant railway station. If you want to travel in banaras then the nearest railway station is Varanasi cant railway station.

So me and my friend are travelling together. when we leave the station and come out then we have see there is lot of auto rikshas are parked.

Assi ghat : A historical place in Banaras

Almost all the people are well know about Assi ghat. You can simply take a riksha OR Auto-Riksha to come this place. Once we are reaching this sacred place means this ghat we have see there is lot of people specially youths are present.

There is lot of temples present here. Friends if you are traveling through your bike then there is a parking where you can park your bike as well as your car. At this ghat there is a public washroom which is Sulabh Toilet.

On moving forward, we first bowed down to the uninterrupted stream of Mother Ganga and saw the ancient Shivling situated at Assi Ghat. It was a very relaxing moment for us.

After darshan we also enjoyed boat-riding. On reaching across the Ganges, we had a lot of fun on the cold cold sand, but one thing I did not like, people were also spreading garbage’s which is very bad for our lives as well as our nature.

So we are enjoying a lot. At 7 Pm the most important events are going to happen which is Ganga-Aarti. It was a wonderful experience that the Ganga Aarti was concluded by the chanting mantras and recitations.

Thank you Banaras !

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How to reach

So if you are planning to visit in Banaras then you have to take a flight OR train. For example if you are planning to travel in train then nearest railway station in Banaras is Varanasi Cantt Railway Station.

But wait another famous railways station is Banaras Railways Station. Simply go through it and ask that place where you want to go.

Once you reach these stations then take a Auto-Rikshaws and ask for that destination where you want to go.

Nearest Railways StationVaranasi cant railways station & Banaras Railway station
Nearest AirportLal Bahadur Shastri ji airport Babatpur
RoadsNational Highway – 2

Assi ghat location


Banaras is famous for his culture as well as his rituals. There is lot of tourist spot where you can enjoy the beauty of Banaras.

But the most important tourist spot is varanasi ghat. Specially Assi Ghat, Dashashwamedh Ghats, manikarnika ghat banaras & kashi harishchandra ghat etc.

At this ghats Ganga Arti is performed with mantra chanting and recitations. So guys if you are interested in our culture as well as our traditions and rituals then you must have to comes this sacred place.

Thank you !

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Some FAQ

How to reach this destination ?

Simply take a auto rikshaw and you can easily goes this beautiful place.

How much is the cost of Boat riding ?

40 Rs Per person. But still you have to conform it before riding the boat.

Can i see Ganga-Arati in that place ?

Of cource you can see the beauty of Assi ghat as well as Banaras

Where i can see the Ganga-Arati ?

You can see the two most beautiful places where the Ganga-Arti is performed one is Assi ghat and another is Dashashwamedh ghat.

Is there any ticket or cost to see Ganga-Arti ?

No you don’t have to pay for it. But if you are interesting and helping this movement you can donate.

What is Subah-e-banaras ?

This place is belongs to Assi ghat and here some performance like Yoga and some cultural events are organized. You can see and enjoy the beauty of Banaras.

What is the pin code of Assi Ghat

Pin code is 221005

Is there any parking where i can park my Bike as well as my car ?

Of course there is place where you can park your bike as well as your car.

Is there any toilet present ?


Is there any restaurant is available for dinar or something

Yes there is lot of restaurant and lounges available where you can dinar as well as you can live there within budget.

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