IRCTC Train ticket booking process and fees

Today we have best transport services like Train, Buses, Airplane etc. If we are talking about the safest and most reliable services of transport in todays time is the train or railways services.

Their are some misconceptions OR differences between you and me regarding the trains, For example : The service of the train is very poor, Trains are always late etc etc.

But even today train is in our budget. we use this services regularly. We uses its service in transportation or touring purpose.

In this article i have discussed about how to book train ticket on Indian railways official website which is IRCTC and also we are talk about How to cancel your booked ticket ?

So stay tune with us.

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What is IRCTC ?

IRCTC means Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation. It is an official website where you can easily booked your tickets, You can cancel your tickets without any problems.

Well if you want to use this website then firstly you have an account on IRCTC. Once your IRCTC profile is ready then you can manage your train as well as your journey to.

If you doesn’t want to go IRCTC website then you can download IRCTC official app. This app works on all mac and android OS.

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IRCTC online booking

So guys be prepare and focus on my words. Firstly we are going to learn what is IRCTC account and how to create it ? Follow these steps and you can open your IRCTC account without any problems.

Step – 1 Open you phone browser and search the keyword Google. Once your google is open then click on search bar and again enter the keyword IRCTC and then press the enter button.

IRCTC Train ticket booking process and fees

Step – 2 Here you can see their is lot of information is shown regarding the IRCTC website. Click on 1st website which is

IRCTC Train ticket booking process and fees

Step – 3 When you click on the first link a new window has been opened. You can see the images and finds the information.

Step – 4 So lets assume that you are newbies. So take a look on the top of the website. You can see here there is specially two option is present which is Login OR Register.

So click on Register button, because we don’t have any IRCTC account. You can see their is lot of information are ask like :

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User name, Password, Confirm password, Preferred languages, Security question and last Security answer.

Enter you answer wisely because these data’s are very important for future use. Once you fill these data’s click on continue button which is shown on the bottom of the website.

Step – 5 Once your profile is ready then click on Login button. Open bookings page and then you can see some information regarding your train. Select date and click on book now.


In this post i have discussed about how to book your train ticket OR cancel your ticket through official website. So i hope you enjoyed this post.

If you have any queries regarding this post please do comment in the comment box.

Thank you !

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Some FAQ

How to book tickets on IRCTC ?

Read this post.

Minimum age of a child to get train tickets.

5 Yrs old.

IRCTC full form

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation

How many seats are booked a person

Maximum 6 persons.

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