Dubai Golden visa eligibility and requirements

UAE, UAE & UAE one of the fastest growing economy in world. The United Arab Emirates is situated in middle east.

Most of the people are know about this economy is grown through petroleum but this is not true.

Basically UAE are investing in the business and there tourism. Peoples are coming for business and tourism from around the world.

Recently all of you heard about one of the beautiful building which is The museum of the future.

It is situated in the UAE region Dubai.

Friends today in this post i will discussed about what is Dubai Golden visa and how to get it ? and of course we will talked about their eligibility and the requirements.

So lets gets started.

What is Dubai golden visa ?

As we all know that in 2019, the entire economy had become flattered due to Corona virus.

At that time factories were closed, production were closed, even tourists could not go for a trip in any country as well as their own country.

This time period is worst of human beings. Even Dubai economy is decreased day by day.

In that situation Dubai king Sheikh Mohammed ibn Rashid Al Maktoum takes major steps to protect their economy and people as well.

Dubai golden visa one of them. This is the special visa to attract the talented people across the world.

We all know America gives citizenship to talented people from all over the world by good salaries and good lifestyle and making them work to secure America and its future.

Same thing now Dubai govt is doing. The only difference is America calls for forever and Dubai government only doing this for 5-10 years. May be In the future it could be lifelong.

Overall we can say that Dubai Golden Visa is a special type of visa given only to talented people or else who have done important works in science and technology.

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Dubai golden visa requirements

So lets talk about Dubai golden visa requirements.

Friends when you are applying for this visa then you company ask some information regarding you and your profession, Country, and so on.

I have shared some information. These are :

  • A passport with 6 months validity.
  • Current passport size photo.
  • NOC – Paper. This documents are provided by your company. so don’t worry about that.
  • Medical checkup’s. Most important COVID-19 Test
  • You have to official online application form of UAE Visa.
  • Flight tickets are most important thing.
  • Keep you bank statements.
  • If you are newly marriage then keep your marriage certificate.
  • One last thing is purchase a health insurance.
  • Your qualifications

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Dubai golden visa eligibility

Category Spatiality
InvestorInvestor, Real estate investors
StudentHigh school students, University Graduate
Special talentDoctors, Scientist, Creatives, Innovators, Executive Directors, Educators, Sports, PhD Holders, Engineers
More informationClick here

Dubai golden visa price

Visa TypesTime PeriodAED
Dubai Golden Visa Cost5 Years4850/-100000+
Dubai Golden Visa Cost5 Years6000/-124000+
Know MoreClick here

Dubai golden visa benefits

  • If you are getting Dubai golden visa then you are free to move or travel in the UAE. You are free to start your own company or business.
  • We all know Dubai expands million of AED to protect their economy and people. Even Dubai police is one of the richest police in the world. Their policeman own expansive cars like Bentley, Rolls Royse, Porsche, Lamborghini etc.
  • If you have this visa then you defiantly open your bank account in Dubai. You are free to send money to their families without any charges.
  • You are live like an Emirates.

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Dubai golden visa Indian list

Lets talk about Indian list who got this visa.

S.NNameFieldTime PeriodKnow more
1Shah rukh KhanBollywood Actor10 YrsClick here
2Farah KhanBollywood Actor10 YrsClick here
3Boney Kapoor Bollywood Actor10 YrsClick here
4Arjun Kapoor Bollywood Actor10 YrsClick here
5Janhavi Kapoor Bollywood Actress10 YrsClick here
6Neha kakkar Singer10 YrsClick here
7Amaal malikSinger10 YrsClick here
8MohanlalSouth Actor10 YrsClick here
9MammoottySouth Actor10 YrsClick here
10Trisha KrishnanSouth Actress10 YrsClick here

Golden visa countries 2022

Their are many countries who provides Golden visa to grow their economy as well as tourism. These are : Belgium, Spain, Portuguese, Bulgaria, Greece, Germany, Italy, Malta, Austria, Switzerland & UAE

GDRFA approval to enter Dubai

So, who they are lived in UAE ? Here i have shared some information regarding –

  • When you dream job is conform then you company send your details to there ministry. One verification is completed then your are eligible to worked in UAE OR Dubai.
    • One last thing is missed about , In your verification process there is NOC Paper documents are send by your company to you and the ministry.
    • This documents are conforms that you are no objection to work here.
  • If you are worked in Dubai government offices then you are eligible to live in Dubai OR UAE.
  • If you are a businessman then you are eligible to work with Dubai government. Dubai government are welcomed for all the people who they are financially help their country.
  • One of the beautiful thing is there is no hidden charges to give taxes. That’s why this country called Tax haven country.
    • It means that you don’t have to pay taxes, your profit is your profit.
    • If you don’t have to give tax then why not people worked here. This is the coolest thing about Dubai government.
  • If you are purchase a land in Dubai then you are eligible to live officially and you will get the Dubai residence permit.
  • But purchasing a land in Dubai its very difficult. If you are interested in purchasing land in Dubai ? do comment.

I will make a post to provide some genuine information regarding Dubai property investment visa.

In my last article i have shared some information regarding Dubai resident visa & Dubai investor visa.

Where a guy ask me a question How can i invest my money in Dubai company ? So i have collect some data’s regarding this visa and present to you.

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UAE Embassy address

There are two UAE offices present in India, one is present in our capital which is Delhi and second one is present in Kerala.

Ground Floor, Ambience Commercial Complex 
(Ambience Tower), VASANT KUNJ 
Survey No. 16/1, 17, Muttathara Village, 
Manacaud, Near Fort Police Station, 
Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
  • UAE Embassy opening & closing time : 9 am TO 4 pm
  • UAE Visa submitting time : 9.30 am TO 12.30 pm
  • UAE Visa receiving time : 2 am TO 4 pm


Guys, getting a Dubai investment visa is quite difficult. Its totally depends on your confidence and of course your money. So be focus and passionate about you dream.

I hope you are enjoying this post. If you have any query or any suggestion regarding this post please do comment. Thank you !

Some FAQ

Dubai golden visa meaning

It is special visa for talented people to live in Dubai.

What is gold visa Dubai ?

It is another name of Dubai golden visa

How i get 10 year Dubai golden visa ?

If you are a talented or your work in science or any sector which revolutionaries the future of Dubai, then you will get this visa.

Golden visa for doctors in Dubai requirements

Read this article.

Does the golden visa offers permanent residency in Dubai ?

No, the Golden Visa is a long-term residence visa renewed every five (5) or ten (10) years depending on the visa category selected.

Cost of Dubai golden visa in Indian rupees.

1 – 1.25 Lakh ₹

Which is worlds beautiful building ?

Museum of the future. It is located in Dubai.

GDRFAD Full form ?

General Directorate Of Residency & Foreign Affairs – Dubai

What is emirate id ?

It is biometric system to identify the visitors who they are travelling in UAE Kingdom

How can i get a job in Saudi Arabia ?

You need a sponsor then you are eligible to work here.

Disclaimer :

All these information collected form UAE Website. This is inform you that is a free service to Traveler’s. Please always check and confirm official site notice before you apply UAE VISA

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