Everything know about Dubai driving license

The UAE country needs no identity. This is the country that has emerged as a powerful image of itself across Central Asia by its continuous growth.

The world’s most beautiful building recently unveiled in Dubai. Whose name is Museum of the Future.

Actually this is not just a building but a building that tells the future of Dubai.

Thousands of people from our country go for their dream jobs every year in many Central Asia countries.

In last post one of you listener asked me via email what should I do for a driver job in Dubai?

Friends, in today’s post we are going to know that where and how to apply for driving license in Dubai?

What is Dubai Driving License? And how to get it?

Guys getting a driving license is a complex process in itself especially in Dubai.

I don’t want to drop your morale or discourage you by saying so I just want to explain the complexity of the process to you.

We apply offline or online for driving license in our country.

After application we are given a date and we have to go pass the driving license test that day and we are licensed.

Nobody comes to see if I know how to drive or not? But in Dubai case this situation is totally opposite.

Here you have to enroll in Dubai govt. set driving school at the same time you are trained as well.

Everything know about Dubai driving license

First you have to get your eyes tested. Don’t worry about how and where to get this test done?

For this apparently your driving school will get you tested. You just have to enroll their here.

Once your eye test is done you will have to go to Dubai government official website of road and transport ministry and apply for driving license.

This work is also done by your driving school. You can also apply.

A test is taken after the application of a driving license. This training determines your experience.

Also if you’ve already driven a car, bike you’ll take less time than others.

Everything know about Dubai driving license

If you want to obtain Dubai’s driving license then you have to enroll in Dubai only official driving school and after training there you will get driving license.

This is the matter of training. In this training school, you are tested after training. This is both theory and practical.

This test is a way to identify your mental and physical competencies. Once you pass this test you have to go to the official website of Dubai Driving License and apply.

You are given a date only after this application.

This is not Sunny Deol Paji’s date on date scene but on this date you have a return test in which you are asked mainly about traffic rules their symbols etc.

When you pass this test you have to go for practicals.

Everything know about Dubai driving license

This is apparently given you a car or a bike that you have to drive successfully and without fear.

Once you pass both of these tests you get a Dubai Driving License. Hope you understand the whole process.

Overall the straight thing is that if you want to get a Dubai driving license you must enroll in Dubai’s official driving school and after training you will get a driving license.

Most important thing if you have India driving license it will not work there. You have to apply according to the rules there.

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Click here to give mock test for Dubai driving license : Click here

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Document validation serviceClick here
License servicesClick here
Know about your Driver Click here
Dubai driving license feesClick here

Dubai driving license fees

I have collect these data from Emirates Driving institutions. This will give a rough idea about the Dubai driving license.

It may be increased or decreased so stay before you apply please recheck their facilities and fees.

Dubai truck license feesClick here
Dubai heavy driving license feeClick here
Bike license in DubaiClick here

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Dubai Driving schools

Dubai government has approved 5 institutions OR school where you can learn car, Bike, and Heavy vehicles. These institutions are :

  1. Amirates driving school
  2. Dubai driving school
  3. Galadari motor driving center
  4. Belhasa driving center
  5. Al-ahli driving center

Lets talk about these institutions. I have shared some information regarding these institution. If you are interested then you can ask for your queries as well as website.

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Amirates Driving School

Name of driving schoolEmirate driving institute
Phone no+97142631100
Official websiteClick here
Opening hours8.00 am
Address13th St – Al Qusais – Al Qusais 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Dubai Driving School

Name of driving schoolDubai driving center
Phone no+97143236000
Official website Click here
Opening hours7.30 am – 9.00 pm
Address8th St – Al Quoz – Al Quoz Industrial Area 3 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Galadari Motor Driving School

Name of driving schoolGaladari motor driving school
Phone no+97142808123
Official websiteClick here
Opening hours10.00 am
AddressUnion Co-operative Society Hypermarket – Dubai 19c Street (Al Twar 1 42А – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Belhasa Driving Centre

Name of schoolBelhasa Driving Center
Phone no+97142617303
Official WebsiteClick here
Opening hours8.00 am
AddressShop No.9, Bld Nasir Khamees – Damascus Street – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Al-ahli driving center

Name of schoolAl-ahli driving school
Phone no+97142029666
Official websiteClick here
Opening hours7.00 am – 5.00 pm
AddressAl Quoz, Industrial 4 Street No. 19A Road No. 318 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Friends if you are not find the best driving school for your dream job.

Don’t worry about that, I have written a proper blog in future [Next week] where i will give proper knowledge then you have to decide the best school according to your budget as well as your location.

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New driving license rule

I have given some basic and important rules that you have to follow during your Driving license test. These rules and data are collected form UAE-Website.

So don’t worry about that. If you want cross check these information then : click here

  • If you are 17 Years old then you are eligible for bike driving
  • If you are 18 Years old or plus then you are eligible for car driving.
  • But if you are 21 Years old then you are eligible for heavy vehicles such as Trucks, Buses, and Tractors.

So decision is yours. Please always check your eligibility before apply dubai driving license.

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Dubai driving license document

Collect these important documents before apply driving license.

  • Photocopy of your passport as well as your resident visa
  • Photocopy of your valid emirates I.D card
  • 2 Passport size photo Eye test report
  • NOC means No objection Certificate from your company
Apply for a light vehicle driving license Click here
Apply for a driving license in DubaiClick here

Driving school in Dubai map


So in this article i have discussed about all the important aspect of dubai driving license. Such as how to get dubai driving license ? How to apply dubai driving license? etc.

If you have any queries regarding this topic then please ask me on the comment section. Me and my team are waiting for your queries.

Thank you !

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Some FAQ

I am Indian is my Indian license is valid ?

No it doesn’t allowed. You have to apply for new driving license

What is the price of Dubai car license

4645 –  10,440 Its depend on your license

Driving license in Dubai for Indian, what is the procedure ?

No matter who are you. You have to first enrolled in official driving school and learn how to drive a car, Bike or some heavy vehicles.

What is the duration of desert driving course ?

Maximum 1 day.

I am American can i use my driving license in Dubai?

Yes you can use your American driving license but you have to notified the RTA

Where is my eye test has conduct ?

In official driving school conduct your eye test.

Can foreigners get official Dubai driving license ?

Of course dear. If your belongs from North America and Europe, You don’t need to apply for license you can simply transferred your license in Dubai RTA

I am on Tourist visa in Dubai. Can i drive a car ?

You have to international driving license, otherwise its not possible to drive a car or Bike.

What is the minimum age to drive a bike in Dubai ?

17 Years

Name of official driving schools in Dubai ?

Their are total 5 institution recommended by Dubai government. They are : Amirates driving school, Dubai driving school, Galadari motor driving center, Belhasa driving center , Al-ahli driving center


All these information collected form UAE Website. This is inform you that pocketExplorer.in is a free service to Traveler’s. Please always check and confirm official site notice before you apply UAE VISA

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