Discovering The Beauty Of Makalidurga: A Trekking Adventure

Makalidurga is an enchanting trek that leads way up to a hill surrounded by lush greenery, rich history, and a railway line running through the bottom of the hill. It is located just 50 kms away from the Bengaluru city that mostly attracts nature lovers because of its landscape views and serene environment at an altitude of 4430 feet.

Standing tall as one of the favourite trekking adventures in Karnataka, Makalidurga trek offers thrill of trekking and rewarding captures of natural vista. Let’s dig in further in details to know more about its ethereal beauty and things to offer.

The Historical Glimpse

Makalidurga trek is associated with rich historical past that adds on an interesting fact about this place. Its historical because the hill fort that lies on the top of the hill was once a strategic military outpost for Wodeyar Dynasty which later passed into the hands of Hyder Ali, the founder of the Sultanate of Mysore.

Still the ruins of the fort exist with its shabby wall which gives echo of the ancient battles of the rulers long gone. While the trekkers move up, they get through the remnant of this historical site, experiencing past history of the region.

The Thrill of Trekking

Makalidurga trek is labelled as a moderate trek which begins with a well-defined trail and gradually transform into more challenging terrain with steeply rock climbs. Its features allows both novice and experienced trekkers to feel the adrenaline while trekking and exploring the unexplored of Makalidurga trek.

The ascent to the peak is a huge workout for the body. One pierce through the dense forest, rugged terrains, and large boulders to accomplish the goal of reaching to the peak of the hills. As soon as one reaches to the top, then comes the time for an astounding reward.

Spectacular Natural Beauty

The spectacular beauty lies at the top, no doubt about that. But the journey is also equally engaging for the trekkers. Reaching on to the top of the hills gives a glimpse of lush greenery of the surrounding landscape. It’s a brilliant canopy from the top view.

That’s not all, the view of Makalidurga Lake from the top spell-binds you through its magical glimpse. This serene water body is perfectly surrounded by thriving landscape, making it a place to sit and reflect.

At the top, panoramic view of Deccan Plateau unfolds just beyond the horizon. The height gives you a feeling of standing at the top of the world. Making to the top just at the time of sunrise or sunset is a beautiful way to justify your trip. And only then it feels like a true bonding with the nature.

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Wildlife Encounters

It is a great destination for birdwatchers. They may not miss a chance to catch rare glimpse of Indian rollers, sunbirds, and parakeets. The rustling leaves may give hint of hidden squirrels in search of food. Just be ready with a capturing device to catch their picture when they show up.

In the dense forest, if you hear tearing of branches and chattering sound all around, then probably it is the monkey species who jump around from trees to trees. If you are lucky enough, then you may come across elusive Indian rock python which often comes to the surface for soaking the sun.

 Camping Under the Stars

Do not rush with your visit, instead plan a night camping to enjoy the brightest stars. The top of the hills is a flat surface that provides easy pitching of tents and gaze at the canopy of stars. Respecting the nature, you can cook some delicious dinner for yourself and the group and enjoy it around a bonfire.

Talk about interesting stories, crack jokes, and end your night with a therapeutic singing. Overall, this is a chance to sleep under the twinkling stars and connecting to the celestial world.

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The Makalidurga trek offers a unique experience in the middle of lush greenery, allowing you to bond with the nature like never before. It offers adventures, rich history, and bonding with nature in one package.

Geographically it is stretched and structured so beautifully that the glimpse of Makalidurga Lake reminds of South America from the map. Overall, if you ever touch down to the southern part of India, then do not forget to enrol in a thrilling trekking experience through Makalidurga trek.

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