YouTube Automatically Dub Videos Using AI

YouTube made an exciting announcement at VidCon regarding the integration of a new AI-powered tool designed to automatically dub videos in different languages.

This advancement aims to bridge the language barrier and enhance the experience for both creators and viewers.

The tool, called 'Aloud,' has been in development for several years within Google's Area 120 incubator, which focuses on experimental projects.

It was initially announced last year as part of Google's broader commitment to AI-driven features across its products and services.

Aloud' allows creators to effortlessly dub their videos into multiple languages, thereby unlocking knowledge that may have been limited to a single language.

The tool aims to simplify the dubbing process, making it more accessible for creators who might find it complicated or costly to dub their videos in multiple languages.

The workflow begins with video transcription, enabling creators to review and edit the transcriptions.

The tool then translates and dubs the video in the desired language, after which the creator can publish it.

During the testing phase, 'Aloud' is being used by hundreds of creators worldwide.

Currently, it supports a limited number of languages, including English, Spanish, and Portuguese

However, YouTube plans to add more languages in the near future, including Hindi and Bahasa-Indonesia.

The company is striving to make the dubbed audio tracks sound like the creator's voice

and aims to introduce more expression and lip sync features to enhance the naturalness of the videos.

These additional features are expected to be rolled out next year.

Overall, 'Aloud' represents an exciting application of AI technology that will enable creators to reach a wider audience and facilitate cross-cultural communication.

While the dubbed videos may currently lack perfect synchronization and the dubbed voices may sound somewhat mechanical,

YouTube is actively working on improving these aspects in future updates.

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