WhatsApp: Companion Mode For iPads

WhatsApp is working on adding compatibility with iPad as a new linked device.

Users will soon be able to link their existing WhatsApp account on Android with WhatsApp for iPad.

WhatsApp for iPad is currently in development and not yet available to beta testers.

The recently rolled out 'companion mode' feature allows iPhone users to link their existing account to a second iOS device.

With 'companion mode', users can link up to four devices simultaneously, expanding connectivity options.

Personal messages and calls will remain end-to-end encrypted even when using WhatsApp from a linked device.

Users can link their WhatsApp account to a secondary device by scanning a QR Code.

WhatsApp is reportedly testing a 'screen-sharing' feature for beta testers on Android.

The 'screen-sharing' feature will enable users to share their screens during video calls.

WhatsApp continues to enhance its features and expand device compatibility for improved user experience.