US Visitor Visa OR Tourist visa Eligibility and Requirements

USA, it is the most advance country in the world, infect this country is know for his culture, Society and its Freedom.

Peoples are going to work here because of his safe environment and of course its currency.

If you are looking today you are noticed that every country currency are continuously goes down but the USA currency dollar doesn't seem slow.

Its continuously growing faster and faster, which means if you are working here and earned money it will become more valuable then any of the currency across the world.

Receiving US visa is very difficult but if you are looking for a safe environment as well as your living standard is better then you have to apply for this visa.

So what is US visitors visa OR US tourist visa ?

It is an special type of permit which provides almost all the countries. 

When a person or national are going in another country for the purpose of touring and adventures this is called tourist and the document he needs that is called tourist visa.

This permit types gives almost all country across the world. In this permit you are free to move in that country for the travel purpose.

So how to get US visitor visa OR US tourist visa ?

US allows to enter his territory with give two types of the visas.

The first one is immigrant visa and the second one is Non-Immigrant visa. So we are going to travel in the USA that's why we choose the second one visas which is Non-Immigrant visa.

In Non-Immigrant visa US offers basically two types these are : B1 and B2 visa but there is another type which is for both purpose and this visa is called (B-1/B-2).

You have to simply go on the official US visa website. Create your account and set the strong password.

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