USA, it is the most advance country in the world, infect this country is know for his culture, Society and its Freedom.

Peoples are going to work here because of his safe environment and of course its currency. 

If you are looking today you are noticed that every country currency are continuously goes down but the USA currency dollar doesn't seem slow.

Its continuously growing faster and faster, which means if you are working here and earned money 

So what is US visa waiver program ?

Basically it is a special type of visa for those people who want to travel in US for the purpose of Business as well as Tourism.

It gives us almost 90 days of time period to live in US. But this Waiver program has some limits.

The state department has allowed only 40 countries of citizens. 

Lets talk about the requirements for the US visa waiver program.

The 1st one is your passport must have machine-readable zone on the biographic page.

Then 2nd thing is your passport must be an electronic passport.

      Your passport must have supports machine-readable zone.

All the VWP countries are issued passport with their digital photographs. If you doesn't have this it means you cant travel in US.

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