UK Diplomats Face Travel Restrictions Imposed by Russia

Russia's foreign ministry imposes strict travel restrictions on British diplomats in the country

Diplomats must provide at least five days' notice and detailed travel information to leave a 120km "free movement zone."

Only the British ambassador and three senior diplomats are exempt from these measures.

Tensions between Moscow and London have escalated due to the invasion of Ukraine

Both countries maintain diplomatic missions on each other's soil despite the conflict.

The Vienna Convention, signed by both the UK and Russia, guarantees diplomats' freedom of movement within a host country

However, Russia uses bureaucratic demands to make travel difficult while technically adhering to the Convention

British diplomats must provide accommodation, transport, contact, and trip purpose details before traveling in Russia.

These restrictions also apply to diplomats at the British consulate in Yekaterinburg.

Such measures are common tactics employed by authoritarian states to hinder diplomats' activities.

The UK Foreign Office disputes Russia's claim of "summoning" the senior British diplomat, stating it was a planned meeting.

Russia attributes the restrictions to the UK's support of Ukraine and accuses the UK of hostile actions against its diplomatic offices.

The UK Foreign Office has not disclosed its response to Russia's decision.

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