Top birds in Yellowstone National Park

These are the top birds to see in Yellowstone National Park

Black-billed magpie at Mammoth Hot Springs

Common raven

Raven Scavenging a Sharp-shinned Hawk carcass

Green-tailed towhee

Pine grosbeak

Two bald eagles fighting for bison carcass

Bohemian waxwings, Bunsen Peak

Clark's nutcracker at Mammoth Hot Springs

Cedar waxwing near the north entrance.

Red-tailed hawk

American Avocet at Yellowstone Lake.

Hairy woodpecker near Silver Gate

Golden eagle

Great Blue Heron feeding on fish.

Pine grosbeak

Turkey Vulture in the Lower Geyser Basin.

Great horned owl

Western Grebe


Male Williamson's sapsucker

Common Nighthawk

Yellow-bellied sapsucker.

White-faced Ibis

Western tanager

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