Tesla Model 3 “Highland” Rumored

The "Highland" version of the Tesla Model 3 is reported to be a complete overhaul of the affordable electric vehicle.

It is rumored to feature novelties such as steer-by-wire, RGB interior lighting, and more.

The steer-by-wire system would mean that the steering inputs are handled purely by electronic components and wiring, with no physical connection to the front wheels.

The refreshed Model 3 is expected to offer both a conventional steering wheel and an updated yoke-style steering option.

Matrix LED lights, similar to those seen on the Model S and Model X, are said to be included on all trim levels of the Model 3 "Highland.

The interior will have redesigned multicolor ambient lights and an increased focus on using recycled materials.

It is claimed that the updated Model 3 will come with an improved speaker system, seats for better ride comfort,

and the latest Hardware 4.0 computer for the Autopilot driving assistance system.

The pricing of the refreshed Model 3 is expected to be similar to the current model,

with a starting price of around $40,000 for the base rear-wheel-drive variant

This information has not been confirmed or denied by Tesla, and it is important to approach it with caution as it comes from third-party sources.

Tesla has not had a media relations team since late 2019, making it difficult to verify such information.

Please note that these details are based on rumors and reports, and official confirmation from Tesla

is needed to provide accurate information about the Tesla Model 3 "Highland."

So You have to check regularly if your are interesting to purchase this beat

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