The Mughal rulers had built many historical buildings during their reign. Who still tells saga in her amazing artwork and architecture.

Especially, we all know the reign of Mughal King Shahjahan by the name of the golden age. Who can forget the Taj Mahal built by them.

The museum was built in 1906 by the Viceroy of India which is Lord Curzon. But this museum is opened to all the people in 1982.

At present the Taj Museum is located in the west side of the Taj mahal. This  palace is not like the water palace of Rajasthan but its importance is also not less.

Inside this is a huge organization, where all these exhibitions are organized. This museum was built in Mughal architecture style.

If you look closely at these buildings, you will see their unmatched artwork and restraint. The metal or equipment that was used to make these is also protected here.