Samsung Watch 5 Vs Huawei GT3 Comparison

Both the smartwatch comes with round dial and AMOLED display

Huawei GT3 watch comes with 42mm and 46mm sizes,

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 comes in  40mm and 44mm sizes

Both the smartwatch comes with different modes but Samsung watch gives you  complete features as compare to  Huawei watch

There is lot of assistance comes with Samsung where as Huawei didint provide that features

Huawei did not comes with Google play store and other assistant features

If you want to secure and smart tracker activities then you have to go for Samsung 

Huawei offers heart rate, blood oxygen but did not provide much sensors to track

Huawei GT3 comes with built-in GPS and dual-band mode

Both the smartwatch comes with 7-8 days battery life

Lets talk about the Price of both the smartwatch

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 40mm: $299 / £269, $329 / £319 (LTE)

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 44mm: $329 / £289, $369 / £339 (LTE)

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro: $449/£429, $499 / £479 (LTE)

Huawei Watch GT 3 42mm: $N/A\From £209.99

Huawei Watch GT 3 46mm: $N/A\From £229.99

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