Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 & S9+ Specs and Price

Samsung is reportedly developing the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE and the Galaxy Tab S9 FE+.

Display consultant Ross Young has provided insights into these upcoming tablets, including their color variants.

However, it is unlikely that the Tab S9 FE series will be launched during the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event scheduled for July 26th, 2023.

Back in May 2021, Samsung announced the Galaxy Tab S7 FE. Since then, no successor to that device has been released

Instead, it seems that Samsung will skip the Tab 8 FE and introduce the Galaxy Tab S9 FE lineup.

Here are the details that have emerged about the Tab S9 FE series from the recent leak.

According to the leak, the Galaxy Tab S9 lineup will consist of two models: the Galaxy Tab S9 FE and the Tab S9 FE+.

The existence of the Fan Edition tablets was first mentioned in April of this year.

Reports indicate that the model numbers SM-X516B and SM-X616B are associated with the Galaxy Tab S9 and Tab S9 FE+ respectively

Both devices have already appeared on Geekbench, revealing that they may be equipped with the Exynos 1380 chipset.

The Tab S9 is expected to come with 6GB of RAM, while the Plus variant is rumored to have 8GB of RAM.

Ross Young suggests that the production of the Galaxy Tab S9 FE models is two months behind the Galaxy Tab S9 series.

This indicates that the Tab S9 lineup might debut two months after the Tab S9, which is expected to be officially announced by the end of July.

Therefore, it is likely that the Tab S9 FE series will make its debut in September or October of this year.

The leak also reveals that both the Tab S9 FE and Tab S9 FE+ will be available in various color options,

including Grey, Light Green, Light Pink, and Silver. In contrast, the Tab S9 series will reportedly be offered in only two colors: Beige and Grey.

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