Review : Google Pixel Tablet 2023

Improved Android tablet experience:

Google has made key improvements to the Android tablet experience, optimizing many Google apps and getting third-party apps to follow suit.

App optimization

Apps like Netflix, Minecraft, Microsoft Office apps, WhatsApp, and TikTok have been optimized for the Android tablet experience.

Even apps not designed for tablets stay confined to a phone-like column view, taking up a third of the tablet's display.


The Pixel Tablet allows for multitasking with two apps open side by side on the screen.

The bar between the apps can be dragged to adjust the size of each app. Multiple methods can be used to trigger split-screen mode.

App docking and split screen

The app dock at the bottom of the screen allows for easy access to open apps and dragging them to either side of the screen.

Apps can also be opened in split screen mode by long-pressing the app icon.

Drag and drop functionality

Text, links, and photos can be dragged and dropped between two apps, allowing for seamless interaction and productivity.

Charging Speaker Dock

The Pixel Tablet comes with a Charging Speaker Dock that uses pogo pins and magnets to charge and hold the tablet.

The dock enhances audio volume and bass when connected.

Hub Mode

When docked, the Tablet goes into Hub Mode and displays a screen saver of your choice.

It can be used as a smart display, controlled by Google Assistant for smart home devices, music, and video playback.

Battery life

The Pixel Tablet offers a good battery life, lasting up to 12 hours of streamed video. When docked, the battery remains charged and ready for use.

Pixel Tablet case

The official Pixel Tablet case includes a kickstand with multiple viewing angles.

The case provides extra protection and is designed to work with the Charging Speaker Dock.

Improvements for the next model

Suggestions for future improvements include forcing video apps to use the entire screen,

extending the screen timeout in Hub Mode, and introducing a dedicated keyboard accessory for productivity.

Overall, the Pixel Tablet offers an improved Android tablet experience, optimized apps, multitasking capabilities

and a versatile dock for enhanced audio and hub mode functionality.

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