Replace Mark Jackson and JVG with Walt Frazier

Mike Breen is highly regarded as one of the top NBA commentators today, known for calling iconic games and delivering memorable moments.

A Reddit user suggested that the NBA should assemble a better commentary team around Mike Breen,

as his current partners, Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy, are believed to dislike the modern style of play and current players.

Another Reddit user proposed replacing Jackson and Van Gundy with Mike Breen's longtime Knicks commentator partner, Walt Frazier.

Breen and Frazier have been working together since 1991, initially commentating on New York Knicks radio broadcasts and later on Knicks telecasts starting from 1998.

While Breen is the lead national play-caller for the NBA, covering events like the NBA Finals for ABC and ESPN,

a Reddit user noted that Frazier may prefer his current role as a Knicks commentator and transitioning to the NBA Finals might present new challenges.

A different Reddit user suggested pairing Breen with Kevin Harlan and Noah Eagle, potentially bringing a fresh dynamic to NBA broadcasts.

During an episode on JJ Redick's podcast, "The Old Man and the Three," Mike Breen recalled a mistake he made during Game 1 of the Eastern Quarterfinals between the Celtics and the Nets.

Breen mistakenly mentioned that the referees had waved off a basket when they were actually reviewing it.

This incident showcases Breen's attention to detail and professionalism in his work, despite occasional errors.

It emphasizes his level of care for his job as a broadcaster and commentator.