Pure electric launched two new models

The future is all about the electric vehicles

That's why Tesla and other companies built their products to reduce the global worming

Pure electric has launched their two e scooter models in the US market. 

lets talk about the specifications and pricing

Pure electric has launched two models : Pure Advance and Pure Advance Flex

Each e scooter has weight around 16 KG

For more stability and control Pure electric gives extra foot space to ride safely

The flex model is convenience for your child's

Both the e scooter comes with 10-inch tubeless tires

It comes with front and rear indicators for the safety reasons

This e scooter runs over 500W rated motors and the peak power is 710W

Pure advanced model ha s maximum speed upto 25 miles/hours

And for Pure advanced Flex model has maximum speed upto 31 miles/hours

Both the model has comes with IP65 ratings for waterproofing.

Price for the Pure advanced model is £799

Price for the Pure advanced Flex model is £1099

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