Process To Get Umrah Visa From India

If you are an Indian citizen and want to perform Umrah, the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, you will need to apply for an Umrah visa.

Here are the steps to get an Umrah visa from India

Find a registered travel agency

In India, only registered travel agencies are authorized to apply for Umrah visas on behalf of their clients

You can find a list of authorized travel agencies on the website of the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in New Delhi.

Gather the required documents

You will need to submit the following documents to the travel agency

A valid passport with at least six months validity from the date of travel

Two passport-sized color photographs with a white background

A vaccination certificate for meningitis (ACWY) issued not more than three years and not less than 10 days before entering Saudi Arabia.

A confirmed return air ticket

Hotel booking confirmation in Mecca and Medina

A signed declaration form, in which you declare that you are performing Umrah and will abide by the rules and regulations of the Saudi government.

Apply for the visa

Your travel agency will submit your visa application along with the required documents to the Saudi embassy

The visa processing time usually takes 3-7 days.

Get your visa

Once your visa application is approved, your travel agency will collect your passport and visa from the embassy or consulate and hand them over to you.

Travel to Saudi Arabia

Once you have received your passport with the Umrah visa, you can book your flights and travel to Saudi Arabia.

Perform Umrah

After you arrive in Saudi Arabia, you can perform Umrah during the dates specified in your visa.

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