Process To Get Costco Visa Card

To get a Costco Visa, you need to be a Costco member and apply for the card through Citibank

Here are the steps to apply for a Costco Visa

Become a Costco member

If you're not already a Costco member, you'll need to sign up for a membership first.

You can do this online or in-store at your local Costco.

Go to the Citibank website

Once you're a Costco member, go to the Citibank website to apply for the card.

Fill out the application

Fill out the application with your personal information, including your name, address, income, and employment details.

Submit the application

Once you've completed the application, submit it to Citibank.

Wait for a decision

Citibank will review your application and determine if you're eligible for the card.

If you're approved, you'll receive your card in the mail within a few weeks

Activate your card

Once you receive your card, you'll need to activate it before you can start using it

Follow the instructions that come with your card to activate it.

Please note that eligibility requirements for the Costco Visa may vary depending on your location and credit score.

Also, you may need to provide additional information to Citibank during the application process

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