Playism showcased 6 new title in Tokyo game show

The first one game  is Drago Noka

In this game you have to manage a village fom a Dragon

The 2nd game is Drainus

In this game you have to absorb and redirect enemy fire and used banked energy to enhance your craft

The 3rd game is Spooky. If you are a fan of Spooky this game doent disappoint you

In this game you are in a museum suddenly u are going warped into a twisted mirror image of your real image

The 4th game is Marfusha

Basically it is a shooter game

The 5th game is Rusted Moos

In this game the humans and fae are at war & you have to choose a side to protect the huminity

The final game is Valkyrie of Phantasm

In this game you have to fly an aircraft and protect her people

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