Photo Requirements For US Green Visa

infect this country is know for his culture, Society and its Freedom.

If you are looking today you are noticed that every country currency are continuously goes down but the USA currency dollar doesn't seem slow.

Its continuously growing faster and faster, which means if you are working here and earned money it will become more valuable then any of the currency across the world.

You photo must be in colorful and the second most important thing is the background. 

Means whenever you click your photos then one thing is noticed. Always use white background, otherwise your application will be rejected.

Always use recent clicked photos But didn't choose more then 6 month older photos in your passport or visa or any official documents.

If didn't shown properly then it might be chances to reject you application.

Your clothes, Guys if you are applying for a passport or Green visa then you have to wear proper clothes and you look like a professional. So be nice and look nice.

Don't wear hat or any other things which cover your head or you face.

Remove your earbuds or headphone through your ear and then clicked the photo.