Password-stealing Erbium malware

Computer viruses are html codes.

These viruses are stealing your important data’s such as your credit card details your name addresses your browser history even if your important files.

All these documents and information’s are stolen with this software without any knowledge of owners.

You must have heard about the Pegasus spy software.

Pegasus spy software build by the Israel software company to steal prestigious peoples information.

This Pegasus software can access your iphone and your android phone without any permission.

Recently a new computer software has detected.

They media houses and cyber experts has named Erbium malware.

It is a powerful malware and it can access your credit card details, cryptocurrency wallets and your passwords.

Recently cyfirm has revealed some interesting facts about this malware.

They said the scammers and frauds are purchase this malware on rent.

Researchers has said this malware is supported by the Russian forums.

Cost for this malware is $100 to $1000 per year.

So how to protect your computer viruses ?

Use the official antivirus software and protect your data’s.

Thanks for reading.