Nvidia's DLSS 10: The Future of Game Rendering?

In a recent interview, Nvidia VP of Applied Deep Learning Research Bryan Catanzaro hinted that a future version of DLSS, dubbed DLSS 10, could deliver full neural rendering.

This would have a profound impact on the way games are developed and rendered, potentially replacing rasterization and ray tracing altogether.

Neural rendering is a technique that uses artificial intelligence to generate images.

It has the potential to produce more realistic and immersive graphics than traditional rendering methods.

Nvidia has not yet released any specific details about DLSS 10, but it is likely to be a very powerful tool for developers

– DLSS 10 could be used to create games with more realistic characters, environments, and lighting effects.

– DLSS 10 could also be used to improve the performance of existing games, allowing them to run at higher resolutions and frame rates.

DLSS 10 is a very exciting technology that has the potential to revolutionize the way games are developed and rendered.

If Nvidia is able to deliver on its promises, DLSS 10 could usher in a new era of realism and immersion in gaming.