The Mega Million Michigan Lottery News

Mega million Michigan lottery will be held on Tuesday Feb 7

The estimate value of this jackpot is $31M and the total cash is $16.6M USD

The next lotto is held on Feb 8 @7.29PM and the total jackpot amount is $1.4M USD

Value for Tuesday fantasy 5 jackpot is around $100,000

Drawing time of this jackpot lottery is 7.29PM and Deadline is 7.08 PM

The last player who wins this lottery jackpot is wolverine FLL lottery club

In march 2021 Wolverine FLL lottery club is claimed $1.05 Billion jackpot which is insane.

Around $1 M USD are not claimed and this money is goes on state schools air funds

For more information you can goes the official website of the Michigan lottery site.

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