Leaks : Destiny 2 Next Returning Raid

Amidst Destiny 2's ongoing season, leaks regarding the game's future seem to be abundant,

with the latest revelation coming from a well-known leaker who has a track record of accurate predictions.

Should this leaker prove to be correct, it would mean that the next raid to make a comeback will be one from the original Destiny game.

The raid in question is none other than the Vault of Glass and King's Fall raids.

The news of their return has generated significant excitement among long-time players who have yearned for raids reminiscent of the first Destiny.

It's important to note, however, that while these raids will be making a comeback, they will undergo some modern changes.

Meanwhile, the current season of the game, Season of the Deep, continues to delve into the ongoing saga of the guardians as they face off against The Witness and its forces.

Players will be dispatched to the recently resurfaced moon of Titan.

Acting on behalf of Deputy Commander Sloan, a character seeking the Vanguard's assistance

players must protect a mysterious, unidentified creature dwelling within the moon's methane oceans.

This creature holds great significance as it might offer valuable insights about The Witness.

This season, which places a greater emphasis on the game's narrative, particularly The Witness itself,

unveils several major revelations about its intentions and origins.

It also sheds light on the pivotal role played by the Traveler in orchestrating events.

With roughly two months remaining in the current season, players eagerly anticipate what lies ahead in the game's future.

Thanks to the renowned Destiny leaker,

Liz, the wait may not be long, as their information suggests that players should brace themselves for a return to the Moon's Hellmouth,

with the possibility of Crota's End being removed from the game's content vault.

For those unfamiliar, Crota's End was initially intended to be part of The Dark Below expansion in the original Destiny.

While it would be exciting to finally experience this expansion, it's advisable to approach the leak with caution until official confirmation is received.

Nevertheless, given Liz's history of accurate leaks, there is some hope that this information holds true once again.

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