Improve Your Google Drive Security Flaw 

In this webstory i have shared some top tips to avoid security flaws

– Monitor all events related to license assignment and revocation under the "Admin Log Events" section.

Regularly perform threat hunts within Google Workspace, with a specific focus on detecting

and investigating unauthorized activities related to user accounts and license usage.

– Conduct proactive searches to identify and mitigate potential threats and security breaches.

During threat hunts, pay particular attention to "source_copy" events, as they can indicate instances where files are being copied

from a shared drive to a private drive and subsequently downloaded.

– Engage with Google's security team to address the issue and incorporate their response into the advisory.

– Implement proper procedures for employee offboarding to ensure timely revocation of licenses and disablement or removal of user accounts.

– Ensure that users without paid licenses do not have access to sensitive data or the organization's private drive.

– Improve visibility and logging capabilities to record all activities and events, especially those related to user access and file downloads.

– Regularly review and update security protocols and practices to stay ahead of emerging threats and vulnerabilities.