Hurray ! WindTre provides Wi-Fi calling on all networks

WindTre, an Italian mobile operator, has activated Wi-Fi calling on all networks, including those of its competitors

This means that WindTre customers can now make and receive calls over Wi-Fi, even if they have no mobile signal

Wi-Fi calling is available to all WindTre customers on fiber and business plans

 To use Wi-Fi calling, customers must have a compatible smartphone and be connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Wi-Fi calling is free to use and offers several benefits, such as better call quality and increased coverage

Wi-Fi calling is especially useful in areas with poor mobile signal, such as basements, elevators, and rural areas

WindTre's decision to activate Wi-Fi calling on all networks is a welcome move that will benefit its customers

It is the first Italian mobile operator to offer this service on such a wide scale

WindTre's move is expected to put pressure on other Italian mobile operators to follow suit

The widespread adoption of Wi-Fi calling will improve the overall mobile experience for customers in Italy