Is Samsung worried because of Huawei come back in smartphone market ?

Samsung and Huawei makes interesting electronic gadgets and help to live better life

Can you imagine without technology can we live ?

I know you answer. Friends Huawei have plan to re entry in the smartphone market

According to some media reports Huawei sells the smartphone and other gadget worth CNY 191 billion (around $27.4 billion)

This growth is insane and this growth is around 7.2% growth to the previous years growths

According to Bloomberg's reports Huawei makes CNY 636.9 billion (around $92.3 billion in the last year

Recently Huawei makes a patent which is they developed the 7nm chipset which is good 

Huawei makes some profitable businesses like Semiconductor chips and 5G technology Bands 

But Samsung doesn't have worried about the Huawei's investments

Because they have much markets captures as compare to chinese tech giant Huawei

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