How to recover hacked Instagram account

Instagram is a META subsidiary


Every year’s millions of users have lost their passwords or accounts.

Today we are going to know how to recover hacked Instagram account

If your account has trying to logged in any of the device including pc or smartphone a massage from Instagram received

If you have received a reset your password or change your password massage from Facebook or Instagram

It means somebody has stealing your Instagram account.

Even you don’t need to login through the link which is comes through massage form.

Open your Instagram app and then you have to reset your password

Sometimes hackers send a malvaceous email to catch your id and passwords. So be careful

If your account has compromised then what you have to do?

If your account has compromised then you have to open official Instagram app and login your details.

Update your all the necessary data and create a strong password.

You can use Numbers, Special characters or letters and also you can use Capital letters.

If you didn’t get your account or find your account then 

you have to send your details                        to

You can also use Get help or sign in buttons.

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