How to get Dubai driving license ?

The UAE country needs no identity. This is the country that has emerged as a powerful image of itself across Central Asia by its continuous growth.

The world's most beautiful building recently unveiled in Dubai. Whose name is Museum of the Future.

Thousands of people from our country go for their dream jobs every year in many Central Asia countries.

Guys getting a driving license is a complex process in itself especially in Dubai.

I don't want to drop your morale or discourage you by saying so I just want to explain the complexity of the process to you.

We apply offline or online for driving license in our country.

After application we are given a date and we have to go pass the driving license test that day and we are licensed.

Here you have to enroll in Dubai govt. set driving school at the same time you are trained as well.

First you have to get your eyes tested. Don't worry about how and where to get this test done?

For this apparently your driving school will get you tested. You just have to enroll their here.

Once your eye test is done you will have to go to Dubai government official website of road and transport ministry and apply for driving license.

A test is taken after the application of a driving license. This training determines your experience.

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