How to Access Pokemon GO Verizon Partner Research

Recently Pokemon GO has partnered with Verizon company to offer Partner Research to Trainers in the United States.

Due to this US Trainers will be able to claim a ticket to access special Partner Research.

Once you redeemed the ticket, players can take part in the Partner Research at any time during the Season of Light.

There is a certain rule for get ticket which is pokemon players must be Verizon customers in the United States

Eeligible US Verizon customers will get this ticket on the official app which is My Verizon app.

It starts with 1 September @ 9:00 a.m to 30th of September @ 9 pm

This is a good opportunities for Pokemon Players

So how to claim this offer ?

Download the official Verizon app.

Register yourself

 Go to the Verizon Up section of the app.

Select the Pokémon GO Partner Research offer

Receive the verizon code

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