Greyhill Incident Releases new 4K Trailer

Indie game developer Refugium Games and Perp Games have released a new 4K trailer for Greyhill Incident.

The trailer provides a glimpse into the world of the game, setting a quiet and eerie atmosphere.

Greyhill Incident is set in the early 90s in the US, where paranormal activities increase, leading residents to suspect government involvement.

The small neighborhood of Greyhill is filled with scared and paranoid residents who trust no one.

The game follows the protagonist, Ryan Baker, an average guy armed with a baseball bat and a revolver, on a mission to save a neighbor in serious trouble.

Players will navigate the atmospheric neighborhood of Greyhill, solving puzzles, finding useful items, and meeting other neighbors.

The neighborhood has been invaded by aliens and UFOs, posing a constant threat to the villagers.

Exploring houses, barns, and open areas is crucial to uncovering the alien conspiracy and finding ammunition to survive.

Players can choose to sneak, run, or fight their way through Greyhill, being mindful of the presence of "The Greys."

Greyhill Incident will be released on June 9th for PC and consoles, offering an immersive experience in a world filled with alien invaders.

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