Google Pixel Buds PRO : Reviews

Google has launched his new Pixel Buds PRO on 7th October

Google Pixel Buds PRO  comes with egg-like oval design which is nice

This buds comes with USB Type C charging Port

Infect the Google pixel buds PRO case is also good looking and gives you premium feel whenever you use it

Google Pixel Buds PRO comes with three different sizes : S, L and M size

The overall feting's is great and it does' feel it will be goes down even you are running or exercise

Pixel Buds PRO comes in three diffrent color options :  Charcoal, Fog, Lemongrass

It comes with IPX4 rating and it Case has IPX2 ratings. You can use easily without any problems

The Motion-detecting accelerometer and gyroscope sensors work well 

Hall Effect sensor are easily detect the buds and connect your smartphones

The best part of this Earbuds is its weight. The weight is around 6.2g and the Pod weight is 62.0g

The wire less charging works very well and its give 5 hours of battery life in just 10 min of charging

Price for the Google Pixel Buds PRO is $299 with free deliveries

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