Google adds precise location support to Bard for relevant responses

– Google has added precise location support to its AI chatbot Bard for more relevant responses.

– Bard can utilize the device's precise location with user permission.

– Precise location helps Bard provide relevant information about nearby restaurants and local areas.

– Users can manage location preferences in the location settings.

– With precise location support, Bard can provide a list of restaurants near the user's current location.

– Precise location support is currently in beta testing.

– Google recently updated Bard to improve information summaries and provide attribution for the information source.

– Users can ask Bard to summarize articles or provide quick explanations on topics.

– The waiting list has been removed, and Bard is now available in over 180 countries, including India.

– Bard was initially launched in the UK and the US.

– Bard is now available in English, Japanese, and Korean.

– Google plans to support 40 languages soon.