USA, it is the most advance country in the world, infect this country is know for his culture, Society and its Freedom.

Peoples are going to work here because of his safe environment and of course its currency. 

So what is Green visa and How to get through Employment

It is an official document which helps to lived in USA.

This card is launched by the US official authority which is USCIS.

USCIS means United states citizenship and immigration service

Lets talk about How to get Green card through Employment visa ?

American companies are working in every countries and they increases their businesses day by day.

It means they are needed talented and educated candidates.

That's why they are hiring well educated person who are grow their companies faster and faster.

But in some cases these companies called their employees  directly in the United States of America.

They gives high salaries and also some extra benefits to live here.

So the entire process of your journey including your expanses are afford by the companies themselves.