Fossil hunter spots 450,000-year-old mammoth tusk

Fossil hunter Jamie Jordan discovered a 450,000-year-old mammoth tusk in a local quarry.

The tusk was found in Cambridgeshire, England, near Peterborough

The mammoth tusk stood out amidst the rubble and was an astonishing sight for Jordan

It is believed to be from a steppe mammoth, larger than modern-day elephants.

Normally, mammoth tusks are found broken, but this one was intact and required effort to lift.

Steppe mammoths were social animals, living in herds.

The tusk will undergo a six-month preservation process to keep it wet and prevent damage.

Fossils Galore, a nonprofit paleontology museum, will examine the tusk for more insights into the mammoth's life.

The examination will also search for signs of predation by early humans or other animals.

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