Follow These Travel Booking Tips and save Up To 15% Off On Your Winter Travels

Have you plan to travel in this winter ? and you don't know how to save your hard money. Read this web story

The first thing is the Planning. Plan your destination first then invest your money in the others

According to Priceline Data Las Vegas is the cheapest domestic destination to travel in this winter.

Cross checked all the flights tickets before booking

But in case of world tour OR an international flights then you have to booked at least 6th month before 

Sunday is the best day for purchasing the air ticket

According to the Expedia data. If you booked ticket on Sunday you can save upto 5% on your domestic flights

But in case of an international flights you can save upto 15% on the flight tickets

So what is the best time to fly ? Early morning time is the best time to fly

According to the Expedia data. Wednesday is the best day to take flight even you can save you hard money

Wednesday departure is 15% cheaper then other days

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