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Cheap flights cant be possible after post pandemic

We are all know there is lot of hikes in various kinds of products. Petrol and Natural gas is one of them 

One of the main reason for petrol and Gas prices hikes is Russian-Ukrainian war

Flight Path

Almost every country wants to peace between these countries. African countries and some asian countries are going to hunger 

So the Russian-Ukraine war is going that's why all the natural gases and petrol prices are on hikes

Flight Path

Some countries are facing another problem which is Sanction through americas CATSA act

Thats why almost every industry has facing this oil and natural gas deficiency  

After pandemic many countries are allowed foreigners in his country for work and tourism

Flight Path

Travel and Tourism sector is one of the fastest growing sector to help or boost the economy with the minimum time

I hope this Russian-Ukraine war are going down. 

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