Dubai Golden visa eligibility and requirements

UAE, UAE & UAE one of the fastest growing economy in world. The United Arab Emirates is situated in middle east.

Most of the people are know about this economy is grown through petroleum but this is not true.

Basically UAE are investing in the business and there tourism. Peoples are coming for business and tourism from around the world.

Recently all of you heard about one of the beautiful building which is The museum of the future. 

This is the special visa to attract the talented people across the world.

We all know America gives citizenship to talented people from all over the world by good salaries and good lifestyle and making them work to secure America and its future.

Same thing now Dubai govt is doing. The only difference is America calls for forever and Dubai government only doing this for 5-10 years. May be In the future it could be lifelong.

Overall we can say that Dubai Golden Visa is a special type of visa given only to talented people or else who have done important works in science and technology.

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