Chinese Government Invests in CUDA-Compatible GPU Startup to Challenge Nvidia's Dominance

Shanghai-based compute GPU developer, Denglin Technology, secures funding from the China Internet Investment Fund,

backed by the State Cyberspace Administration of China and the Ministry of Finance.

Denglin's GPU features a computing architecture compatible with popular programming models like CUDA/OpenCL,

putting them in direct competition with Nvidia.

The investment capital will boost Denglin's research and development efforts,

facilitating mass production and commercialization of their next-gen Goldwasser GPUs.

Jon Peddie Research reports that the Goldwasser GPUs are specifically designed

for artificial intelligence applications, but can also be used for gaming.

Denglin claims that Goldwasser is the first successful enterprise Chinese GPU for large-scale commercial applications.

JPR highlights Denglin's GPU+ architecture, which enables software-defined

on-chip heterogeneous computing technology in the Goldwasser GPU.

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